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Necquelle™ Neck Smoothing Cream

Necquelle™ Neck Smoothing Cream

Don't let your neck and décolleté give away your age!
  • Increases skin tightness and firmness
  • Formulated for mature skin
  • Helps lift and firm loose, sagging skin
  • Dissolves fat deposits
  • Improves skin tone and elasticity
  • Helps stimulate collagen formation
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Firming Cream Tightens Sagging Skin

mango madness skin care I am 54. Loose skin and wrinkles on my neck seem to give away my real age. I wanted to get rid of the sagging skin and ordered some of your cream. So far, so good - I am noticing a gradual but definite improvement after 3-4 weeks of twice daily use. mango madness skin care
          -- Pam C., Spokane, WA
Necquelle™ blends scientifically developed ingredients to reshape and tighten loose or sagging neck skin and help beautify your décolleté.

The ingredients in this revolutionary firming cream build collagen and promote better cohesion between layers of the skin - this increases firmness and improves elasticity.  The best creams for tightening loose skin and reducing wrinkles in the throat area should contain a peptide complex and hyaluronic acid - Necquelle™ has both.
       Neck Tightening Cream
Among the peptides is Hexapeptide-10, which facilitates cell adhesion and movement to provide a more firm outer skin layer and helps invigorate circulation within the skin layers of your neck. Another beneficial active ingredient is squalane, which serves as both an antioxidant and a skin moisturizer.

Loose Skin under your Chin?

The wrinkle-reducing peptides in Necquelle™ stimulate the production of Laminin-5 to strengthen the bonds between skin cells; this tightens, firms, and lifts the skin in your throat area to minimize loose or sagging skin. It also improves elasticity in mature skin. These benefits help contour your throat area for a more youthful appearance and get rid of loose skin.

Say Goodbye to Sagging Neck Skin

Saggy skin is a frustrating problem for many women. If you have loose or sagging skin on your neck, you know how self-conscious it can make you feel. Although you’re able to keep your face firm and youthful, this is the one area you just can’t seem to improve.

If the skin on your throat isn't smooth the way it could be, it can rob you of the consistent effort you’ve put into taking care of your face. If you’re worried that this is one problem you’re never going to be able to fix, you’ll be thrilled to learn that there is now a solution!

If you have used a peptide wrinkle reducing cream on your face, you can appreciate what Necquelle can do for your wrinkles.

Benefits of Necquelle™ Firming Cream

Loose skin is a problem that has always plagued women. The root cause of this issue is a fibrous protein known as collagen. Although you’ve likely heard of collagen injections, many people don’t realize that natural collagen is one of the key proteins in their body.

Collagen is what’s responsible for giving young skin its firm appearance. Because their bodies naturally produce plenty of collagen, young people don’t have to do anything special to keep their skin firm. Unfortunately, your body’s production of collagen slows down with age. This leads to unpleasant problems like wrinkles.

Necquelle™ deals with this problem area by helping to build collagen in neck skin. It also helps to improve cohesion between the skin’s layers. These two improvements result in firmer and more elastic skin.

What Can Necquelle™ Do for You?

This skin cream can solve the problem that’s been bothering you for years. Once you begin using this cream, it will begin to increase the firmness and tightness of the skin around your throat and make the sagging skin less noticeable. Because this product is specifically designed for mature skin, it will dissolve fat deposits and help lift the skin around your neck. Best of all, this cream is easy to use. All you have to do is apply it to your skin one to two times a day.

Does Necquelle™ Really Work?

Absolutely. The main reason this cream can noticeably improve your skin is because it contains both a peptide complex and hyaluronic acid. These are the two most important ingredients for dealing with loose skin.

The other reason you’ll see real results from using this anti-sagging cream is because it contains squalane, which works as a moisturizer for your skin. And because this product is paraben-free, you won’t have to be concerned about any health issues that may be linked to cosmetics that contain parabens.

If you want to start looking just as young as you feel, you need to order Necquelle™ firming cream today so you can see just how well it will work for you!

Directions:  Use Necquelle™ once or twice a day by applying it to your throat and under-chin area using upward strokes to help tighten sagging or loose skin. It is formulated to absorb quickly into your skin. You can also apply it to the décolleté or chest area.

This product is non-comedogenic - it will not clog your pores. This cream contains no toxic chemicals, artificial fragrance, estrogen, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or formaldehyde. Gluten free. There is no animal testing on any of our products and all skin care product ingredients are animal cruelty free. Made in the United States.

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Customer Reviews

Author: Pam Carter, Spokane, WA
For my age, I have very good skin, or so my friends tell me. But when I look in the mirror, the loose skin and wrinkles on my neck seem to give away my real age. I wanted a safe product to help get rid of the sagging skin around my throat and purchased some of your cream. So far, so good - I am noticing a gradual but definite improvement after about 3-4 weeks of twice daily use.

Author: Betsy Martindale, Las Vegas, NV
My face looks good for my are (I am 61), but my throat area is another story. It's hard to find a paraben free skin product really works, especially on areas like my hands and neck. Your necquelle has worked so well for me, I want to buy some for my sister.

Author: Linda K., Houston, TX
I am so glad to see you've introduced a Necquelle - and you're right, for years I've taken very good care of my face, but my neck area hasn't kept up...I've neglected it. Can't wait to try this new cream!

Author: Linda M.
I use the anti-aging neck cream and the peptide 6 face moisturizer.  Love them both.  Love the free shipping. Thank you!

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