Adult Acne and Women

Adult Acne: Why It Happens, How to Cope With It

For many women, the teen years were spent battling an adversary that could lurk in the background and then attack without warning. You know – the dreaded breakouts! It was hard to believe that the episodes were random because just before a big date, or prom, there would be the pimple on the nose, or chin, or forehead.

Now we know that stress is a contributor to unsightly acne, so it all makes sense. The times we were most insecure and most stressed before a big event or important date, were practically guaranteed to trigger a series of breakouts!

But many of us find that once our teen years are behind us, our faces stay unblemished. Then, suddenly, the pimples and blackheads are back. Why does this happen? The reasons are many and some are the same as when we were teenagers:

  • Hormones – pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and starting or stopping oral contraception
  • Stress – a new job, a tough financial situation, a divorce
  • Prescriptions – many prescriptions affect a woman’s skin, including anti-depressants and corticosteroids

To really find out what is causing your acne, a visit to a dermatologist is a must. Your doctor can evaluate the situation, make suggestions, or even give you a prescription to help minimize the occurrence of breakouts.

While you have blemished skin, you may find a new skincare regimen will help your face. Sometimes a more gentle cleanser or a different moisturizer is called for.

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