Nutrition for your skin

Besides using good creams and lotions, your skin needs to be sustained with the right dietary nutrients. The living layer of your skin (the dermis) is packed with tiny capillaries. These vessels provide oxygen to your skin cells and remove CO2 and other metabolic byproducts. Because the top layer of your skin has no blood vessels, it must be nourished from below by the dermal later. If there is insufficient nourishment from below, the visible, top layer of your skin will look unhealthy and more susceptible to wrinkling and aging. Therefore, good nutrition is equally as important for healthy skin as are good skin care creams.

What is good nutrition for your skin? It’s no surprise that it’s the same as you’ve heard for years that is good for your general health – fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods, and a balanced diet. Be sure you are getting enough vitamins (A, C and E in particular). And of course, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.