Vitamins for your skin: A, C and E

Vitamin A (or, beta carotene) is found in yellow, green and orange vegetables and fruits. Vitamin A protects these foods from sun damage and is thought to have the same benefit in humans. Vitamin A is used in many preparations as Retinol to combat wrinkles.

Vitamin C (or, ascorbic acid) is a water soluble vitamin that occurs in citrus fruit and dark vegetables such as spinach, as well as tomatoes and cabbage. By helping to boost collagen production, Vitamin C can increase skin firmness and smoothness.

Vitamin E (or, tocopherol) can be found in nuts, seeds, dark green vegetables, and oil from the livers of cold water fish such as salmon. Vitamin E as an antioxidant protects cells and assists your skin in staying moist. It is also helpful for reducing the visibility of scar tissue and age spots.