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At What Age to Start Anti-Aging Skin Care Regimen?

Even though your skin in your 20s looked fabulous, its moisture content was beginning to decline. Sufficient moisture is important for proper skin health, so people in their twenties should begin using a good moisturizer.

Significant changes in your skin begin to happen in your 30s. Your skin is producing less collagen, the skin component that gives it firmness and foundation. As a result, wrinkles begin to develop. The longer you can put this development off, the better, since once formed, your skin will fold along existing wrinkles, gradually making them more pronounced. You need to begin serious wrinkle prevention in your thirties with a good retinol or peptide anti-aging product.

When you hit 40, it’s time to hit the dedicated skin care routine hard. Exfoliation becomes important to refresh your skin with new cells. Choose from either an AHA type exfoliation gel or microdermabrasion exfoliating product. Find the best wrinkle reducing products you can, and apply them twice a day. As always, don’t forget your moisturizer and your sunblock.