Summertime Skin Protection – Sun Screens

Officially, summertime does not begin until June 21st; however, schools are out, families are on vacation, beaches are jammed and the sun is hot and bright.  Because June 21st is the longest day of the year (with the most hours of sunlight), your body can receive just as much solar radiation during the two months preceding this date (late April to late June) as in the traditional Summer days during the two months following June 21st (late June to late August).

The lesson from all this: wear your broad spectrum sun screen whenever you will be going outdoors.  Seasons aside, you should wear a good UVA/UVB sunblock always, since the effects of sunlight are cumulative on your skin – and cause 80 percent of aging of the skin. The best sunblocks will contain micronized titanium dioxide. This ingredient reflects and blocks the sun’s rays from reaching your skin.