Your skin care regimen

It’s time to talk about your daily routine again. Many anti-aging skin care products> on the market promise younger looking, smoother skin if you simply buy the product. These include peptide creams, retinol products, exfoliators, hyaluronic acid products, dark circle cream, and others.

As you know, by the time we reach age 40 or 50, the lines and wrinkles that begin to appear were decades in the making.  We try to emphasize that women in their 30s, even in their 20s, begin to use quality face moisturizers, and above all, to protect their skin from sun exposure (the #1 skin aging factor).  However, when we were younger, our skin looked great, and we often had other priorities in our busy lives.

So, how to reverse the effects of many decades of skin aging and wrinkles?  As we like to say, since your lines and winkles didn’t appear overnight, they are not going to go away or even be reduced overnight.  Importantly, you need a dedicated skin care regimen to recapture some of that lost youth. This regimen needs to include the Anti-Aging Quad:  I) Exfoliation, II) Moisturizing; III) Collagen Building; and IV) Sun Protection.