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Who’s the Fairest Peptide Cream of All?

Who’s the Fairest Peptide Cream of All?  It’s a spooky question!

Rather than have just a ghost of a chance to guess, go now to Google and type in peptide wrinkle cream and see where our Peptide 6™ wrinkle cream ranks!  It’s no trick – this excellent Google ranking means that a lot of other websites and blogs are mentioning our peptide product!

To celebrate the season, we want you to treat yourself to a new jar of anti-aging cream.


Retinol is the tried and true wrinkle cream

Retinol has been around for many years, but it is still one of the most effective wrinkle creams available today. How does it work? Retinol is a Vitamin A derivative that accomplishes many tasks: 1) induces the production of compounds that allow your skin to retain moisture; 2) increases production of collagen (fibers that give skin its foundation); and 3) exfoliates your skin, allowing faster cell turnover rate – old, dead cells are shed more rapidly, giving your skin a fresher, more radiant appearance.

Mango Madness Skin Care offers ReNew Youth™, a potent retinol wrinkle cream that has the highest concentration of retinol available without a prescription (1 million International Units). 

Retinol is best used at night since sunlight can degrade its effectiveness.  Some people might experience some skin dryness with retinol creams, so a good hyaluronic acid moisturizer should be used afterward.

Summer has faded – what about your tan?

Summer is officially over, and along with shorter days and cooler temperatures, that epic tan you worked on all summer is probably fading also.

Keep that summer glow!  Now you can enjoy a bronzed body all year long with our paraben-free Tan-Fan™ lotion.  It won’t streak and doesn’t have that strong bug spray smell of most sunless tanners.

Remember, sunless tanning is the only safe tanning – sunlight causes 80% of skin aging! And parabens can cause health problems, so order your paraben free Tan-Fan™ self-tanner today!

An remember, if you ever spent too much time in the sun and lost a little of that youthful looking skin in the process, try our outstanding anti aging creams today!

Fall is in the air – what’s in your skincare regimen?

With the waning of summer and shorter days, we enjoy cooler, crisper and drier air. We are also coming off of a summertime lifestyle that may have exposed your skin to a lot of sunlight.  Now is the time to give your face a good exfoliation treatment to remove the sun damaged cells that probably built up on your skin,.  Several types of scrubs for smoother skin are available and the right one for you depends on your skin type and condition.  If you have dry skin, use a physical type of scrub such as amber crystals. If you have normal to oily skin, a good AHA (glycolic acid, for example) gel will work well. You should exfoliate 1-3 times a week depending on your tolerance and need.

Once you have exfoliated your skin, it will not only be smoother and softer, but because the top layer of dead cells has been diminished, your skin will accept nutrients and moisture more easily. Follow your exfoliation with a good moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid. You should apply your moisturizer twice a day. This is particularly important with the lower humidity during the Fall season.

If you want to minimize wrinkles and lines (or delay their onset), use a good deep wrinkle cream with peptides – these are typically the most effective. A potent retinol cream is also recommended.

Finally, just because there’s less sunlight, you should not discontinue your sunscreen.  The Autumn sun still sends plenty of aging ultraviolet rays into your skin. Be sure you use a broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun screen.

During October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, help us help others

During October, Mango Madness Skin Care, in keeping with its paraben free skin care products commitment, is donating funds to support breast cancer research and treatment. During October, for every sale, we are donating $1.00 to a worthy breast cancer charity. Our other program is that for every Like we receive on Facebook, we are donating $0.25 to a breast cancer charity.

How are we selecting which charity? On the Mango Madness Skin Care Facebook page, you can vote for your favorite breast cancer charity.

Thanks for your support, your business and for your vote.

How do I determine my skin type?

Here’s how to find out what your skin type is.  Cleanse your face with a product made for for normal skin; rinse with tap water and dry gently with a towel.  Wait about an hour indoors in a comfortable setting.  If your skin is without luster, feels tight or itchy or looks flaky or dull, you have dry skin.  You will need a face cream with hyaluronic acid. If you have oily areas that only cover part of your face such as your nose, above your eyebrows on below your mouth, you have combination skin. If you need to dab the oil from your entire face, you have an oily skin type.  If you have some redness or irritation, your skin is sensitive.  Mature skin is often sensitive. Finally, if you have age spots, scar tissue, or any deterioration from sun exposure, you may have damaged skin tissue.

You can customize your selection of skin care products and your skin care regimen using a convenient chart.