How do I determine my skin type?

Here’s how to find out what your skin type is.  Cleanse your face with a product made for for normal skin; rinse with tap water and dry gently with a towel.  Wait about an hour indoors in a comfortable setting.  If your skin is without luster, feels tight or itchy or looks flaky or dull, you have dry skin.  You will need a face cream with hyaluronic acid. If you have oily areas that only cover part of your face such as your nose, above your eyebrows on below your mouth, you have combination skin. If you need to dab the oil from your entire face, you have an oily skin type.  If you have some redness or irritation, your skin is sensitive.  Mature skin is often sensitive. Finally, if you have age spots, scar tissue, or any deterioration from sun exposure, you may have damaged skin tissue.

You can customize your selection of skin care products and your skin care regimen using a convenient chart.