Is It Possible to Reduce the Visibility of Under Eye Dark Circles?

According to the Mayo Clinic, those shadows beneath your eyes can make you look older than gray hair or wrinkles. The reason dark circles can have such a negative impact on your appearance is because they make you look worn out. While this condition is rarely the result of a serious medical problem, seeing them whenever you look in the mirror can cause you to feel low on energy and unhappy with your appearance.

One cause of this problem is not getting enough sleep. Since the National Institute of Health estimates that over seventy million Americans experience sleep problems, it should come as no surprise that this problem is at the root of many people’s dark circles. While it’s simple to say that you simply need to get more sleep, you know that your hectic schedule means this is much easier said than done.

Even if you are getting as much sleep as you actually need, under eye dark circles can also be caused by nasal congestion, too much sun, loss of collagen, allergies or hereditary factors. In many cases, these types of circles are the result of multiple causes. While puffiness and under eye dark circles may seem like problems that are going to continue to plague you, the good news is there’s actually an effective way to combat these signs of aging.

Vitamin K Helps Fade Under Eye Dark Circles

Many women attempt to use a wide range of products to cover up the dark circles under their eyes. The problem with this approach is not only does it fail to get to the root of the problem, but most of these products still leave some form of discoloration under the eyes.

Instead of simply trying to conceal the problem, Vitamin K works to solve it. The reason Vitamin K is much more than a simple concealer is because it reduces the amount of blood that accumulates beneath the skin in this area. As a result, regular application of a cream that contains Vitamin K will actually reduce the visibility of under eye dark circles. Added benefits of Vitamin K include its ability to help skin in this area regain the smoothness and firmness that it has lost with age.

While there is more than one type of Vitamin K eye cream, there are several key features of the type of cream that works the best. In order to get the best results in the least amount of time, you want a cream that also includes Arnica Montana, soy peptides, squalane and hyaluronic acid. All of these components will combine with the Vitamin K to give you real results in as little as eight weeks.

You can also ensure that your under eye treatment is completely safe by choosing a cream that’s paraben-free. By using this type of under eye cream on a daily basis, you can say goodbye to tired eyes and hello to a more youthful appearance!