5 Ways to Spoil Yourself

Being a modern woman is anything but easy. Between your professional responsibilities, family obligations, and trying to find time to hit the gym so you can maintain peak health, it’s normal to feel like you’re constantly performing a juggling act in a circus. Because you do so much for others, you probably have virtually no time left over for yourself. And although you’re not the type to complain, you do deserve to treat yourself!

If you can’t remember the last time that you temporarily slowed down and just did something for yourself, it’s time to break that streak. Since it’s been so long that you’ve done anything of that nature, you may have literally forgotten what options are available. If you don’t even know where to start in terms of spoiling yourself, here are five ideas to help you get started:

Combine a Long Bath with a Facial: The perfect bath is all about the details. This means you need candles, your favorite music and soothing bath crystals. In addition to letting your entire body relax, you can enjoy the feeling of rejuvenation by giving yourself a facial. Since you’ll be in a warm environment and won’t have to rush, you’ll be able to fully wash your face. Follow this with a good peptide cream to help prolong your youthful looking skin.

Have a Girls’ Night Out Dinner: When was the last time you were able to have a few hours with just your closest girlfriends? Since their schedules have probably been as packed as yours, it’s time to stage an intervention for your group. Whether it’s by email or phone, tell them that you’re all going out for a girls’ dinner and you’re not taking no for answer!

Buy a New Color of Lipstick: A new shade of lipstick can refresh your look and really make it pop. Not only is the experience of looking for the perfect color of lipstick a lot of fun, but once you receive your order, you’ll feel great whenever you put it on.

Have a Solo Wine and Movie Night: If there’s a night when your house is going to be empty, don’t feel like you have to clean it or do anything else that could be labeled as productive. Instead, take advantage of this opportunity to truly relax. Whether there’s a new movie you’ve been wanting to see or a classic that you want to watch again, pair it with a delicious bottle of wine and you can count on having a really enjoyable evening.

Even if you take less than an hour for yourself, you’ll find that this experience is the perfect way to recharge your batteries!