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Benefits of Vitamin K

Vitamin K-1, also known as phytonadione or  phylloquinone, is an important nutrient that helps with our blood’s ability to clot or coagulate following injury. Vitamin K is found naturally in foods such as leafy green vegetables (kale, spinach, broccoli) and soybean oil. Vitamin K can also be obtained in dietary supplement capsules or multi-vitamins.

The benefit of Vitamin K in skin care is that it is used in formulations designed to address dark pigmentation under the eyes. While this dark pigmentation, sometimes referred to as  periorbital hyperpigmentation, or simply dark circles, can be caused by a variety of factors such as stress, lack of sleep or genetics, the most common cause is the pooling of blood under the thin skin under the eyes. This pooling occurs when tiny capillaries break and release small amounts of blood under the skin. The anti-clotting characteristics of Vitamin K helps prevent leakage from these capillaries.

A good eye cream for dark circles, in addition to Vitamin K, should include hyaluronic moisturizers, arnica montana and soy peptides for the most benefit.


Skin Care and Good Night’s Sleep

Not getting enough sleep means you’re going to feel sluggish during the day. It can also increase cortisol production, which can cause your body to hold on to more fat. Unfortunately, your waist isn’t the only part of your body where a lack of sleep can take a toll. If you find yourself tossing and turning throughout the night or settling for just a few hours of sleep, it will show on your face. The negative effects not sleeping can have on your skin include:

Because those signs are exactly what you try to avoid by taking good care of your skin, the importance of getting a good night’s sleep can’t be emphasized enough. Since getting the quality and amount of sleep you want can be quite a challenge, here are the keys to making it happen:

Give Yourself Time: A common assumption is that you should be able to jump into bed and fall asleep within minutes. But if you talked to a sleep expert, they would tell you that being able to fall asleep in that manner means you’re actually sleep deprived. Because sleep isn’t something that’s supposed to come instantly, you need to give yourself time to relax and unwind. Even if it’s just for thirty minutes before bed, starting to unplug and not worry about things like work will help you when you actually do lay down in bed.

Cut Caffeine: If you’re worried that sleeping well is going to require you to give up your favorite caffeinated beverage, you’ll be relieved to know that’s not the case. However, if you’re drinking caffeine throughout the day, you’re interfering with your sleep more than you realize. Although you may not feel it, caffeine stays in your system for significantly longer than most people assume. As a result, your best bet is to limit your caffeine consumption to before noon. This will ensure that your body has plenty of time to process the caffeine before it’s time for you to get in bed.

Exercise Earlier: Getting at least thirty minutes of exercise a day can make it much easier to drift off to sleep at night. The one catch to this recommendation is you don’t want to exercise right before bed. If you do, you’ll pump up your body to the point where it’s hard to relax. While working out in the morning provides additional benefits, exercising after work is also fine as long as you give yourself a window of at least four hours before going to bed.

Stick to a Schedule: If you commit to getting up and going to bed at the same time each day, you’ll find that your body begins to naturally adjust. When it comes to sticking to a consistent bedtime, it’s useful to establish a routine. To not only sleep well but also beautify your skin, you should make applying Nocturne Night Repair wrinkle cream part of this routine. Because this product is designed to provide deep moisture, it will work to reverse signs of aging as you rest.

What Can You Do About Loose Neck Skin?

If you’ve noticed that the skin on your neck is starting to sag, you’re likely looking for a way to restore its firmness. Even if you’re happy with the condition of your face thanks to the good care you’ve given it, sagging neck skin can ruin your ability to enjoy a more youthful appearance.  Loose or wrinkled neck skin often gives away our true age – but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Because this is a common problem, there are quite a few options for dealing with it. However, before you choose any of these options, it’s important to go beyond what’s shown in ads and learn about the downsides as well:

Botox: While using Botox for sagging neck skin isn’t a true neck lift, it’s often advertised as one. Because the official Botox company website only recommends forehead use, having it injected in your neck can be especially risky. Specifically, improper administration can result in trouble swallowing. Additionally, this is only a temporary solution. Because it requires new injections every three months, the cost can become quite significant.

Surgery: As with any surgery, a neck lift comes with quite a few risks. And even if the procedure is successful, the recovery time is at least a month. The other downside to this option is its cost. Depending on where you live, a neck lift can cost between $7,000 and $10,000.

Gadgets: Whether it’s an electronic mask your put around your head or a device that you stick beneath your chin, there are all types of gadgets that claim to fix loose neck skin. If you’ve ever flipped on your TV when you couldn’t sleep, you’ve probably seen at least one of these gadgets in action. As you may have guessed, they’re nothing more than a waste of money. Additionally, even if someone is skeptical about a gadget, what they probably don’t realize is some of these products can actually damage their skin.

Are There Any Safe and Effective Solutions for Loose Neck Skin?

Since sagging neck skin can make you feel very self-conscious, it’s frustrating to learn that many of the options you see advertised are either ineffective or not without significant risk. If you’re worried that you’re going to have to settle for being unhappy with this aspect of your appearance, the good news is there is one solution that’s both safe and effective:

Neck Firming Cream: This product improves cohesion between skin layers. There are two key ingredients that make this cream so effective. Neck firming cream contains both sodium hyaluran and a peptide complex. While you may assume that hyaluronic acid would dry out skin, it’s actually an extremely powerful moisturizer. And since collagen production slows down with age, the role of the peptide complex is to boost this production back to its previous levels. Best of all, because neck firming cream is 100% paraben-free, you can use it without any worries!