Parabens Revisited

From previous posts, we know that parabens are something to be avoided.

In 2006, researchers in Japan discovered that certain parabens will accelerate the process of skin aging when exposed to UV light, such as sunlight, by causing premature cell destruction. Then in 2008, parabens were linked to breast cancer in women as a result of their use in underarm deodorants as preservatives – this was the result of a university study in Great Britain.

Now, a recent paper in the Journal of Applied Toxicology 2 months ago reveals that of 160 tissue samples removed during breast cancer surgery in a recent study, 158 or more than 99 per cent of the samples contained parabens. Moreover, the majority were located in the area of the breast closest to the underarm.

The paraben molecule is synthetically produced to provide a cheap preservative. Unfortunately, this chemical continues to to be associated with unhealthy outcomes.

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