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Stormy Weather

This week has been all about the “Frankenstorm,”  Sandy the Hurricane.   Extreme weather affects our energy bills, our driving, our very safety.  What many people do not realize is that extreme weather also affects our skin.

First, even on an overcast, stormy day, the sun’s rays reach your skin.  Because people do not think of that, they often fail to use a sun screen or sun block on wintery, rainy, or snowy days.  Reflected light from snow can burn and even on a cloudy day the light of the sun is shining on you.  If you are going outside do not forget your sunblock.

Second, wind and cold can chap and damage your lips and skin.  Your body needs protection from the temperature and the skin on your face and hands needs protection too.  Just as you put on the very warmest clothes you can find, you will have to take just as good care of your delicate skin.  Using a night cream that repairs your skin while you sleep is probably the most convenient way to keep your skin soft, smooth, and wrinkle-free.

Third, on cold days homes from Florida to Canada are heated and the air dries your skin.  Dry skin sags more, wrinkles more, has more surface dead skin cells and makes you look older.  Using a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid or peptides every morning will protect your face from the drying effects of indoor heating.

It’s not complicated:  protect your skin with a good sunblock, moisturize every morning, and use a deep penetrating repair cream at night.  Your skin will thank you for it and you’ll be as radiant in January as you were in April or May!

Suggested products:   Protect Me™ Sunblock, Peptide 6™ wrinkle cream (builds collagen), Nocturne™ facial cream for nightly repair.

The Eyes Have It

Eyes are often called the Windows of the Soul and they are the subject of every beauty manual and makeup-instruction video you’ve ever seen.  Women buy contact lenses to change their color, use mascara and curlers to lengthen and enhance the lashes, use eye liner and eye shadow to deepen the shadows and bring out the color.  Then the eyebrows get plucked to create a better “frame” and maybe they even get bleached or colored.  Women worry their eyes are too close, too small, too slanted, too straight, too round.

Some of that, really, isn’t necessary.  Beautiful eyes don’t have to be a particular shape or violet like Elizabeth Taylor’s.  Makeup can enhance a woman’s eyes but clean, fresh and un-made-up eyes can have a natural, dewy appeal.

So what really is a woman to do if she wants great looking eyes.  A lot of the most important steps she can take have to do with lifestyle:

  1. Get enough sleep.
  2. Don’t smoke.
  3. Avoid exposure to the sun.
  4. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  5. Stay hydrated.

Even with a good lifestyle eyes are prone to two things that can make them look older:  fine lines from laughing or frowning, and dark circles from fatigue.  That is because the skin around the eyes is much thinner than the skin on your cheeks or forehead.  Fine lines and wrinkles can be banished with a good moisturizer but sometimes the eyes are sensitive and a cream made just for your eyes may do a better job than an all-purpose moisturizer.  Refresh Me under-eye cream is a wonderful anti-aging skincare product just for the eyes.  It contains effective moisturizers like Hyaluronic Acid and it includes Arnica Montana to reduce darkening and swelling, Rice Bran Extract to regulate darkening and Vitamin K to strengthen capillary walls and reducing the visibility of blood vessels under your eyes.

With daily use of this specially formulated eye cream you will love the younger look of your eyes!




The Dry Skin Dilemma

Dry Skin is a problem that affects approximately 40% of our female population and is caused by many diverse factors.  Surprisingly, a significant number of women are slightly dehydrated on a regular basis.  For these women, simply increasing water intake might alleviate symptoms of dry skin.  Others may have dry skin as a consequence of Diabetes, over-exposure to sunlight, smoking, or simple aging.

No matter what the cause is, the results of dry skin are frustrating and not attractive.  Skin cells collapse as moisture is depleted.  Small lines and webbing appears on faces and hands.  Lines at the corners of the mouth and eyes form and begin to crease more deeply.  Skin may appear dry, flakey, and slightly scaly instead of smooth and silky.

If you notice signs of dry skin on your face or hands, consider these solutions.

  • Make sure you are getting plenty of water to drink.
  • Avoid exposure to harsh sunlight
  • Reduce or quit smoking
  • Eat foods rich in Vitamin E including almonds, wheat germ, safflower oil, peanuts and hazelnuts
  • Moisturize with a product high in hyaluronic acid and peptides

Why hyaluronic acid and peptides?  Hyaluronic acid penetrates your skin and works directly on the layers below the surface.  On the skin above hyaluronic acid moisturizes and reduces fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing away dry, rough spots.  Below, HA hydrates and stimulates skin repair by facilitating the production of collagen.  The result is that skin cells are plumper, moister, less dry and depleted.  Your skin looks smooth and silky, rich and radiant.

Peptides are also extremely valuable in your defensive arsenal against dry, aged skin.  Peptides enhance and promote collagen production and increase elasticity in skin making it more supple and young-looking.

If dry skin is your problem, consider the lifestyle changes above and daily cleanse with a gentle, paraben-free cleanser and then moisturize with a hydrating cream rich in Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid such as Peptide 6™ from Mango Madness Skin Care.

Turn Back Time

You look in the mirror one day and you just aren’t satisfied.  Maybe you see some subtle age spots or discoloration; or maybe the fine lines and wrinkles just seem overwhelming.  Perhaps the solution would be to go to a health spa and have them use dermabrasion techniques to take off the top layer of skin. Or, maybe you’ll consider going to a cosmetic surgeon for a chemical peel.  That can be painful and involve an extended healing process before your skin looks normal again.

But it is worth it, isn’t it?  Both the health spa and the medical spa are expensive but they are professionals and you really want to get rid of your crow’s feet.  So you’ll spend the money, and let them pour chemicals on your skin or do the facial equivalent of sandblasting.

Stop!  Put your money back in your pocket and don’t keep subjecting your sensitive skin to harsh treatments just to turn back the clock.  Care for your skin gently, naturally, right in your own home, and spend the money you have saved on something else you want.  Your face will thank you for it.

What am I talking about?  There is a gentle, yet effective, exfoliating scrub you can use in the comfort of your own home that will do a beautiful job on your skin –  Mango Madness Oh Honey! Amber Facial Scrub will make you feel spa fresh, spa pretty with less risk to your skin and much less cost.  This wonderful exfoliating cream with amber crystals, honey and vanilla:

  • Works with all skin types: oily, dry, combination, mature, or sensitive
  • Thoroughly removes dead skin cells allowing your skin’s natural beauty to shine through
  • Promotes collagen production and enhances new skin growth
  • Turns an uneven complexion into a radiant glow
  • Softens harsh lines, diminishes fine lines and minimizes discoloration
  • Opens pores so your skin can breathe

Your friends will notice the difference and wonder what you are doing to achieve such beautiful results.  You can tell them, or it can be our little secret!

Mango Madness Oh Honey! exfoliating cream is gentle enough to use regularly and is free of parabens, phthalates, triclosan and is never tested on animals.  Not sure if this cleansing formula with rich honey and vanilla is the one for you?  You don’t need to hesitate to try our products because they are backed with our 90 day satisfaction guarantee!  Are you in a hurry to enhance your beauty with this wonderful spa-like skin cream?  Wonderful!  We ship same day to anywhere in the continental US and we always ship for free!