Stormy Weather

This week has been all about the “Frankenstorm,”  Sandy the Hurricane.   Extreme weather affects our energy bills, our driving, our very safety.  What many people do not realize is that extreme weather also affects our skin.

First, even on an overcast, stormy day, the sun’s rays reach your skin.  Because people do not think of that, they often fail to use a sun screen or sun block on wintery, rainy, or snowy days.  Reflected light from snow can burn and even on a cloudy day the light of the sun is shining on you.  If you are going outside do not forget your sunblock.

Second, wind and cold can chap and damage your lips and skin.  Your body needs protection from the temperature and the skin on your face and hands needs protection too.  Just as you put on the very warmest clothes you can find, you will have to take just as good care of your delicate skin.  Using a night cream that repairs your skin while you sleep is probably the most convenient way to keep your skin soft, smooth, and wrinkle-free.

Third, on cold days homes from Florida to Canada are heated and the air dries your skin.  Dry skin sags more, wrinkles more, has more surface dead skin cells and makes you look older.  Using a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid or peptides every morning will protect your face from the drying effects of indoor heating.

It’s not complicated:  protect your skin with a good sunblock, moisturize every morning, and use a deep penetrating repair cream at night.  Your skin will thank you for it and you’ll be as radiant in January as you were in April or May!

Suggested products:   Protect Me™ Sunblock, Peptide 6™ wrinkle cream (builds collagen), Nocturne™ facial cream for nightly repair.