Traveling for the Holidays

Our country just finished surviving “FrankenStorm” and most of the United States is bundling up for Winter.  Many of us are traveling today and the rest of the Thanksgiving weekend or we have company coming and the weekend will be packed and a little stressful.

Airline regulations about luggage have gotten even stricter and no one wants to pack and carry huge bags everywhere.  Then there is the problem of routine.  Perhaps at home you always cleanse, moisturize and use eye cream.  But in someone else’s house you have less privacy and probably less time.  It might be tempting to leave the skin care products out of the suitcase and just go without when visiting during the holidays.  Tempting but it really isn’t a good idea.  When we are traveling, we have less control over our environment than usual.  Our faces and bodies are subjected to more weather and wind and cold than they would be at home.  We are also subject to more stress during traveling and the discomfort of pressurized jet cabins or long car trips with the heater blowing right in your face.  There are skiing vacations, mugs of cider around a bonfire in a snowy field, walking through a frozen forest admiring the way the icicles hang from trees.

Cold weather, open fires, artificial heat can all dry your skin.

The best way to simplify is to look at the amount of time you will be away from home.  If it is just for a few days over the Thanksgiving weekend then it is simple.  Pack your most important lipstick and mascara, maybe a light powder-to-base, and your favorite moisturizer.  You can use wipes to remove makeup and exfoliating or deeper cleansing can wait until you are back in charge of your routine.  But the moisturizer is absolutely essential. And just because you’re on a mini-vacation, don’t forget to keep working on wrinkle reduction with a good peptide cream.

A good moisturizer not only returns hydration to dry and thirsty skin, it also creates a barrier protecting the skin from weather and the drying effects of artificial heat.  The moisturizer can be used just before bed and allowed to penetrate the skin thoroughly, with a light application first thing in the morning.  This will ensure that any base makeup you put on will go on more smoothly and reliably.  You will look radiant.  No hand lotion?  A scant amount of facial moisturizer can be blended in to the backs of the hands and the fingers to help your hands deal with the cold.

If you will be gone longer than a few days, a good cleanser and exfoliant should be packed along with the moisturizer.  You don’t need every skin care product you would use at home but skin needs two basic things to look great:

  • It needs to be clean
  • It needs good moisturization

As long as you take care of both, you will look wonderful for the holidays!  Not sure what moisturizers are the best?  Have a look at our selection of anti-aging, paraben-free moisturizers.