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Take Your Vitamins!

The moment we hear the two words “vitamin” and “skin” together most people immediately think of Vitamin E.  Moisturizers, conditioners, even dog shampoo is marketed as having Vitamin E for healthy skin and hair. But Vitamin E is only one of the vitamins that are needed for healthy, beautiful skin.

The vitamin you take to avoid the common cold is also considered a powerful ally of your skin because it aids in building collagen and is a strong anti-oxidant.  Vitamin C is found in abundance in fruit like oranges and mangoes and is one of the most popular vitamins to take.  Working from within to keep you healthy and your skin vibrant and beautiful, Vitamin C should be an every day supplement in most women’s diets.  Naturally, discuss any supplement decision with your health care provider.

You get an A if you knew that Vitamin A is another vitamin that is absolutely wonderful for your skin.  Topically applied it plays a measurable role in reducing uneven skin coloration and penetrates the skin to perform its anti-oxidant duties.  Any woman who is concerned about the discoloration and fine wrinkles that occur with age would do well to consider a skin care product that includes Retinol.  Retinol is the active form of Vitamin A and it stimulates the production of collagen and new skin cells.

When combined in a formula with Jojoba, Apricot Kernel Oil, and Hyaluronic Acid, it is effective at rejuvenating facial skin cells; with regular use your skin can look radiant and wrinkle-free. ReNew Youth provides the maximum amount of retinol available over the counter for maximum effectiveness.  Using anti-wrinkle cream ReNew Youth may be the best decision you ever made for your skin.  And, you can use ReNew Youth with confidence knowing that it is paraben-free, not tested on animals and comes with a money back guarantee!


Chemical Peels vs Exfoliation, What Should I Do?

Many women are concerned about a variety of surface skin conditions that respond well to peels or exfoliating gels or scrubs.  But is there a way to determine which is right for your skin?  To start with, it is helpful to know what a chemical peel is.  In a peel a doctor will use a chemical formula on your face which causes the skin to blister up and then to slough off.  When the face heals, the resulting skin is fragile and needs special care, but is generally free of many of the original fine lines and discoloration caused by age.  The doctor will often use pain medication during and after, and recovery depends on how deep a peel was done.  There are side effects to be considered and these treatments are not recommended for everyone.

In an exfoliation treatment, there are usually products you can safely use at home.  The concept is similar but more gentle:  Old dead skin is scrubbed off or lifted off by a gel, and new fresh skin underneath will have reduced fine lines and discoloration.  You may be using a microdermabrasion method, an AHA gel, or a gentle scrub to remove older skin cells so new fresh skin can shine through:

The advantages to exfoliation at home are numerous:

  • Lower risk of infection, injury or side effects
  • No long recovery
  • Lower costs
  • No need for pain medication or a doctor or medical spa to administer

The most important thing to know is that regularly exfoliating and using a good moisturizer achieves excellent results over time because you are encouraging your skin to rejuvenate and the newer skin is lighter, smoother and less lined.

Please note:  neither method is effective with deep lines or heavy scarring.

There was a time when only the doctor could get really good results on mature skin but skin care science has moved beyond that.  You can make your own choices about treatments and then see the beautiful results for yourself!

See which exfoliation method is right for you!  Choose an exfoliating product.

A Merry Mango Holiday

What does your face want for Christmas?  Well, we asked your face and this is what it told us:

  • Lots of fresh water to counteract the artificial heat.
  • Moderate eating and drinking.
  • A gentle cleansing scrub.
  • A high-powered moisturizer with peptides.

We heard what your face was saying and we’d like to make some recommendations based on that wish list.  First, there is nothing more important than drinking plenty of water.  It is easy in the hustle and bustle of the holidays to find yourself skipping your normal healthy routine.  But holidays can be stressful and some of the parts of your routine can help you handle stress.  Drinking water is one of them.  Water helps your body process out impurities and bad food choices so make a mental note or set your smartphone to remind you to have a big glass of water at least twice a day.

Moderate eating and drinking seems impossible during the holidays but sometimes you can make healthful choices especially if you are the hostess or are asked to bring a dish to someone’s home.  How about a delightful Mango Trifle instead of a heavy fruitcake?  Whip a little pure light whipping cream with a little bit of yogurt and layer with fresh mango slices.  Garnish with a sprinkle of eggnog, some sliced almonds, or some cranberries and you have something absolutely beautiful and beautifully healthy!  Don’t worry that people will object to eating something that is good for them.  Many people will thank you.

The next request:  a gentle cleansing scrub, is an easy one.  We have several depending on your skin type and you can decide what your best option is.  But do take the time to do a little cleansing and exfoliating.  During the winter there are many environmental elements that your skin has to face that are different from the rest of the year.  Extremes of heat and cold, wind, and wood smoke are only a sampling of the factors your skin encounters.  Gently exfoliating opens those pores up, removes the grime and grit and dead skin.  Then beautiful fresh skin emerges and you look radiant!  Our best cleansers and scrubs.

Finally, just what Dr. Oz ordered, a good peptide-based moisturizer.  We have just the thing for your thirsty facial skin.  Our Peptide 6 wrinkle-fighting cream restores and helps your skin replenish the natural collagen that makes skin so smooth and wrinkle-free.

We hope this helps you decide what to buy your beautiful skin this Holiday Season.  Please don’t ask us what to get your nephew, Bobby!