Chemical Peels vs Exfoliation, What Should I Do?

Many women are concerned about a variety of surface skin conditions that respond well to peels or exfoliating gels or scrubs.  But is there a way to determine which is right for your skin?  To start with, it is helpful to know what a chemical peel is.  In a peel a doctor will use a chemical formula on your face which causes the skin to blister up and then to slough off.  When the face heals, the resulting skin is fragile and needs special care, but is generally free of many of the original fine lines and discoloration caused by age.  The doctor will often use pain medication during and after, and recovery depends on how deep a peel was done.  There are side effects to be considered and these treatments are not recommended for everyone.

In an exfoliation treatment, there are usually products you can safely use at home.  The concept is similar but more gentle:  Old dead skin is scrubbed off or lifted off by a gel, and new fresh skin underneath will have reduced fine lines and discoloration.  You may be using a microdermabrasion method, an AHA gel, or a gentle scrub to remove older skin cells so new fresh skin can shine through:

The advantages to exfoliation at home are numerous:

  • Lower risk of infection, injury or side effects
  • No long recovery
  • Lower costs
  • No need for pain medication or a doctor or medical spa to administer

The most important thing to know is that regularly exfoliating and using a good moisturizer achieves excellent results over time because you are encouraging your skin to rejuvenate and the newer skin is lighter, smoother and less lined.

Please note:  neither method is effective with deep lines or heavy scarring.

There was a time when only the doctor could get really good results on mature skin but skin care science has moved beyond that.  You can make your own choices about treatments and then see the beautiful results for yourself!

See which exfoliation method is right for you!  Choose an exfoliating product.