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Not Settling For Less

Florida Today magazine recently mentioned the trend women are showing towards higher end skin care.  Mentioned were Beach Organics Skin Care and Mango Madness Skin Care.  The article was a slideshow of products and did not indicate what Florida Today thinks motivates women to pay more than department store or supermarket prices for their skin care.  After all, is there really that much difference in one moisturizing product from another? In a word, “yes!” Many of the highly recognizable brand names in skin care put their bottom line before their customers’ health. Preservatives like parabens, fillers, cheap artificial fragrances make it possible for them to roll out an inexpensive product and still make a profit.

But today’s woman is getting wise to those tricks. She reads and makes informed decisions and that, we believe, is what is driving the trend towards a skin product that costs just a little more but is a whole lot safer. Take Mango Madness Skin Care for example. We are 100% paraben-free and we do absolutely no animal testing. There are never any cheap fillers or artificial fragrances in our line because we have made a commitment to our customers and we believe that is exactly what our customers are looking for.

So the woman Florida Today’s skincare article had in mind is going to reach for Mango Madness Skin Care instead of a cheaper moisturizer that might cause a health problem. And we are glad she will! She will also find that our face creams have a more effective concentration of hyaluronic acid and peptides so she will get more age-defying hydration for her money! Click here to visit our section on paraben-free wrinkle creams.

A Clean Face is Clearly Better

Throughout the ages women have struggled to keep things clean, especially their face and hands. In the middle ages, court dress was so cumbersome your face and hands were almost the only visible parts of your body. The concoctions women put on their faces in those more primitive times would shock us now. We have modern sensibilities of cleanliness and the importance it holds in our lives.

Some of the benefits of a truly clean face are very obvious: old makeup is stripped away, dirt is removed, the skin is stimulated and reinvigorated. Dead skin cells are removed with an exfoliating gel or a scrub and the face just glows. But that is not all it does. A good paraben-free facial scrub prepares the skin for the most effective use of your moisturizer or wrinkle cream. Dead skin cells on an unprepared face are dry and thirsty, ready to soak up all the beneficial moisture you so carefully stroke into your skin. But the ingredients in that moisturizer cannot benefit the dead skin. There is no way for collagen in dead cells to regenerate or the skin to renew itself the way living skin cells do. So when you use a good facial cleanser like our Oh Honey!™ Amber Face Scrub you get the dead skin cells out of the way and open the pores of the healthy skin.  Then your face gets the benefit of your moisturizer or wrinkle cream and you see more dramatic results.

How do you know Oh Honey!™ is the right scrub for you to use? This revolutionary scrub uses exfoliating amber crystals coupled with the natural goodness of real honey to gently remove old skin cells and smooth and soften your skin. Formulated to be safe enough for delicate and mature skin, you can use it with confidence knowing that it is paraben-free, animal cruelty-free, and made by Mango Madness Skincare with our famous Money-Back Guarantee. Free Shipping means you’ll receive your Oh Honey!™ Amber and honey facial scrub quickly and securely.  Shop today for a more beautiful tomorrow! Click here to learn more about our paraben-free exfoliating scrub.

What a Difference Moisturization Makes

What is more beautiful than a blooming rose? Not much, and that is why the rose is the queen of romance in the floral industry. Roses are for proposals, for anniversaries, for romantic weekends and for saying, “I’m really sorry,” and it’s all tied to their lush, rich color and texture. We compliment women when we tell them their skin feels like rose petals or the blush on their cheek is the color of a pink rose. But within a few days of purchase, a rose does not look so beautiful.  What is the difference between that glowing pink blossom and the brown withered husk it has turned into? Moisture. That is really the only thing that changes. As moisture leaches out of the cut rose, the flower discolors, shrivels, and becomes wrinkled. It is exactly the same with an aging face.

As your skin gets older, it loses the ability to hold moisture. Sun damage, smoking, and environmental factors can make your skin age even faster. Decades ago, women would put cold cream on their faces to hold in moisture and try to stop the advancing years. But now, there are more advanced options to combat wrinkles and return a person’s face to a more youthful appearance. Surprisingly, the most effective advances are the most natural. The peptides and hyaluronic acid found in today’s phenomenal moisturizers are not strange chemicals cooked up in a lab. They are exactly what your body uses on a daily basis to keep itself moisturized. They are part of the process that aids in the production of collagen and they work inside the cells to accomplish this renewal.

You may be wondering how they even get inside your skin cells when you just massaged the facial cream into the surface. That is simple: your skin craves moisture. When you apply a wrinkle cream to the skin on your face it only takes a second or two to sink in and begin its work. It isn’t greasy so it doesn’t float on the surface or clog your pores; it is absorbed and aids the natural renewal function of your skin to bring back moisture to the cells. Ready to start? Click here to try our peptide wrinkle cream today!