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Why Make a Big Deal Out of Paraben-Free?

You may have noticed that our website proclaims that our skincare is “paraben-free” and wondered why that is so important to us.  Or, more importantly, why we think it is important to you.

In the area of anti-aging skincare scientists have discovered a lot about exactly how the skin renews itself and how aging and wrinkles can be defeated through better use of ingredients such as peptides and hyaluronic acid. But, while researchers were discovering beneficial components to be used in moisturizers and wrinkle creams, they also discovered that many chemicals currently used in women’s cosmetics and skin care are far more dangerous than previously expected.  Lead and triclosans have been found in lipsticks, parabens have been found in skin care, bath and body care and even food. And that turns out to be a problem.

Researchers quickly discovered that breast cancer tumors had parabens in them. That made the researchers wonder how the chemical got through the skin and ended up in the breast tissue.  Testing revealed that as moisturizers are absorbed into the skin, parabens are absorbed and are now able to penetrate the skin’s natural barriers.  Once in the body, parabens interact directly with the estrogen receptors. In addition, parabens can indirectly enhance estrogenic effects through elevation of estradiol levels. This is not good news since parabens are an inexpensive preservative used in many, many products.

Because of that research, we at Mango Madness Skin Care decided long ago that we would use no parabens, no artificial fragrances, no fillers. Nothing but the best and most effective level of anti-aging formulas with nothing to possibly turn out to be harmful to our customers.  Our moisturizers, wrinkle creams, and other products are not just paraben free, they are cruelty-free and formulated to be the best that we can make them so you can buy with confidence.  If you have not tried Mango Madness moisturizers,  you are missing something wonderful.  Try Maximum Moisture, our rich, luxurious hyaluronic acid cream and know that we care about your health.

Feel The Love!

It’s that time of year, when everything heart-shaped and red comes along coated in chocolate! And that makes it seem a fitting time for us to tell you how much we love you, our customers. We really do. You may know that just because no one would do things the way we have done them without having some love in their hearts.

To start with, our formulas have been developed by medical professionals and are based on up-to-date research into skin renewal, aging, and the repair of damaged skin. So they are not just formulas that are slapped together to make a buck. Additionally, because we are committed to women’s health issues, all of our products are paraben-free. And it costs a little more to make them that way but frankly, we think you are worth it. The last thing we want is to sell you a product that could make you sick. Mangoes have so much ripe, luscious goodness inside, we have created skin care products that are just exactly like that. Full of effective skin hydration and nourishing aloe, hyaluronic acid, peptides, and vitamins. That makes your skin happy and when your skin is happy, we are happy.

Ready for silky skin brought to you buy the people who are mad about mangoes? Then you are in the right place and we are thrilled that you are.

Let’s start with a rich, luxurious moisturizer made with hyaluronic acid, the same ingredient that helps your skin naturally hold in moisture throughout your life. We add aloe vera, shea butter, mango butter and five natural oils to smooth and pamper your face. Never greasy, light enough to use daily and yet rich enough to penetrate deeply, this wonderful skin-cream never clogs your pores. Work it into your skin gently with your fingertips each morning before you apply makeup and see the difference in your skin. You will be delighted with the results of this rich moisturizer and we are delighted with YOU. Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Super Bowl Battle

This is Super Bowl Sunday and many people all over America believe that the big battle is going to be carried out on the football field under the watchful eye of the television cameras.  Well, that will certainly be one battle going on today but it doesn’t begin to compare to the day to day battle against the signs of aging:  wrinkles!

Every day this battle rages on and the teams are pretty powerful.  On the side of aging we have:

  • Age
  • Air pollution
  • Smoking
  • Sun exposure
  • Poor nutrition
  • Bad skincare and makeup products that can actually age you faster.

On the side of beauty we have:

  • Pure Water
  • Delicious fruits and vegetables
  • Sunscreen and sunblock
  • Moisturizers and Anti-wrinkle creams that include hyaluronic acid, retinol, squalane, aloe vera, peptides but NEVER parabens, phthalates or artificial fragrances.

Vegetables and fruits are great for skinSince today IS Super Bowl Sunday let’s start with good nutrition.  Please, step away from the chips and dip. Avoid fried chicken, hot dogs and carbohydrates like cupcakes and those football shaped cakes.  If you are the hostess create some beautiful vegetable trays with fresh fruit and veges that have the vitamins your skin needs and your taste buds love. Your guests will love them too! Next, make sure you have plenty of pure water on hand.  Nothing quenches thirst better and hydrates you from the inside out better than clear, pure, water.  Your skin will love you for it!

Now lets talk about moisturizing.  Really, all you have to do to moisturize is use a simple lotion or cream that seals moisture in after your shower or bath.  But that is not the same as fighting the battle to banish wrinkles.  Today’s woman has a serious arsenal of weapons to choose from and they are not dangerous chemicals.  They are ingredients like hyaluronic acid, peptides, vitamins, and squalane that are a part of your skin’s natural renewal process.  Now you are doing far more than just sealing in the moisture from a shower.  Now you are aiding your skin’s natural renewing process and helping rebuild collagen and hydrate depleted cells!  The only other thing you should do is make sure and wear a good sunblock or sunscreen daily.  Ready to start fighting wrinkles:  Here are some of our best anti-aging moisturizers!