A For Amazing

How many times when you were young did your mother tell you to eat your vegetables? Of maybe she told you that rabbits never wear glasses because they eat carrots. The lines parents use to get a child to eat may be funny but there are good reasons to believe them. Vegetables, especially foods rich in Vitamin A, like carrots, contribute to the health of your skin and your eyes.

Retinol, a form of Vitamin A commonly used in skincare products, is recommended by skin professionals to reduce acne and to reverse some of the effects of aging like fine lines and wrinkled. Retinol is so potent that if you use a very strong concentration of it you have to have a prescription.

ReNew Youth face cream contains  1,000,000 of IU’s of retinol per ounce which is the maximum allowable strength that can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription. This wonderful skin cream is ideal for women who are experiencing mid-life acne or who simply want to put the power of Vitamin A to work on their complexion.

For best results, apply just before bedtime and leave over night. While you sleep the ReNew Youth cream will penetrate deep into skin cells promoting healthy production of collagen and renewal of damaged cells and soothing acne inflammation at its roots. You will be delighted with the results and your friends will wonder what you are doing to look so good. Let it be your secret. Just tell them to “eat their vegetables!”

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