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Earth Day 2013

It’s Earth Day and all across America people are going to parks or the beach, trying organic lettuce or locally-grown vegetables, and in general enjoying the good-feeling that Earth Day gives us all.

The point of it, of course, is that we will change our lives at least a little and begin to live that way all year. We will use more recycled paper, remember to reduce our waste, choose better products and foodstuffs.

Mango Madness skin care can be a part of your Earth Day initiative. We do not claim to be an organic skin care company but we have made a commitment to the environment in some very important ways:

  1. No toxins – we do not use Parabens, SLS, EDTA, Formaldehyde, phthalates, or triclosans in our skin care. That means it is safe for you and any waste is safe for the earth.
  2. No animal testing – we do not do any animal testing in the formulation of our products – never have, never will.
  3. Effective – the more effective a product is, the less you have to use of it. We choose ingredients that are proven to fight wrinkles and restore the health of skin cells and we offer them in the highest therapeautic doses available without a prescription. That means you can buy less, use less, it lasts longer and does more.

Many people have told us how effective and wonderful our anti-aging, paraben-free wrinkle creams are but they don’t often think about the fact that they are also environmentally friendly. Well, we do. We all live on this earth and we plan to leave it to our children. It needs to be in good shape.

So our commitment to you, our customer, is to do the very best we can to produce an anti-aging cream that you can buy with a clear conscience and use with confidence knowing it will produce beautiful results!

My Skin is So Dry! Summer Just Makes it Worse!

If you are like me and suffer from dry skin, then being out in the sun only seems to dry you out more. It seems as if only Spring and Fall are good seasons. In the Summer all the fun sports and even just picnic get-togethers are designed to bring the fun outdoors where the sun can bake you. Key to keeping that dry skin happy is two main things: a good, powerful moisturizer that can hydrate cells thoroughly, and a strong sunblock to protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. If you have those two things you should be in good shape.

paraben-free-face-creamFirst, the moisturizer. What you should be looking for is a paraben-free face cream that has a high quantity of Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid is easily absorbed by the skin and, in a moisturizer like Maximum Moisture, is delivered at a maximum therapeutic dosage. That means you are getting all the help your skin can use. As the cream sinks in to your skin and penetrates depleted skin cells, they are renewed and smoothed and re-hydrated. Your skin feels silky smooth and soft instead of dry and flaky. But the best part is that you only feel how good it feels on the outside. On the inside, your skin cells are encouraged to produce more collagen, hold on to more moisture, and be less dry, sensitive and lined. Your face will look radiant, younger and more lovely while your skin is enjoying the moisture treatment! Learn more about Maximum Moisture skin therapy.

Sunblock-titaniumNext, choose a good SPF paraben-free sunscreen or sunblock. You want as few of the rays of the sun getting through your protection as possible. The sun has the ability to damage and wrinkle skin the way few other environmental hazards can. With a good titanium dioxide sunblock the sun’s harmful rays are deflected so that your skin stays safe. And, best of all, ProtectMe sun block has NO parabens, NO PABA, NO fragrances. so it is safe on the most delicate skin. ProtectMe is a UVA/UVB spectrum sun block with SPF 30. Learn more about ProtectMe sunblock here.

So, enjoy your summer. All you have to do is moisturize and protect that dry skin and stop worrying!

Who Put the Pep in Peptides?

Sometimes it seems you can’t turn around without reading that someone is endorsing something that has peptides in it. This or that celebrity tells you that this product with PEPTIDES is going to make you look younger, richer, totally amazing. Well, how can it do that?

What is a peptide, anyway? To make it simple, peptides are a part of the building blocks of your skin. They form chains and help form collagen. When collagen breaks down, certain amino acid chains are released and that triggers the creation of more collagen. We all know collagen is important because it keeps our skin smooth and filled out instead of deflated and loose. Loose skin creates wrinkles; plumper skin with plenty of collagen looks younger, silkier, and the wrinkles are pulled out. So why not just inject collagen under your skin?

You could do that, but if you have seen some of the results of fillers injected under skin, it isn’t all that pretty or convincing. It’s not hard to tell which women have had surgical intervention because no doctor injects collagen the way the skin grows it. And unfortunately, the skin stops creating as much collagen as it gets older.

So where do peptides come in? Frankly, they are amazing. The introduction of peptides into anti-wrinkle face cream was a huge leap forward for women who want to look younger naturally. Because the skin absorbs what you put on it, applying a peptide-rich moisturizer allows those peptides to enter the skin cells telling the cells, “It’s time to make more collagen.” So, your skin does. It makes more collagen the same way it did when you were in your twenties or thirties.  This promotes healthy renewal of skin cells the natural way and instead of looking bloated or tightly stretched like injections can cause, you now look much more like your younger self. Simple.

Ready to try a peptide-based hyaluronic acid cream for the richest moisture and most natural anti-aging formula you’ve ever had? Buy Peptide 6 today and feel and see the difference. Remember, it is Paraben-free and comes with a 90-day guarantee!