Who Put the Pep in Peptides?

Sometimes it seems you can’t turn around without reading that someone is endorsing something that has peptides in it. This or that celebrity tells you that this product with PEPTIDES is going to make you look younger, richer, totally amazing. Well, how can it do that?

What is a peptide, anyway? To make it simple, peptides are a part of the building blocks of your skin. They form chains and help form collagen. When collagen breaks down, certain amino acid chains are released and that triggers the creation of more collagen. We all know collagen is important because it keeps our skin smooth and filled out instead of deflated and loose. Loose skin creates wrinkles; plumper skin with plenty of collagen looks younger, silkier, and the wrinkles are pulled out. So why not just inject collagen under your skin?

You could do that, but if you have seen some of the results of fillers injected under skin, it isn’t all that pretty or convincing. It’s not hard to tell which women have had surgical intervention because no doctor injects collagen the way the skin grows it. And unfortunately, the skin stops creating as much collagen as it gets older.

So where do peptides come in? Frankly, they are amazing. The introduction of peptides into anti-wrinkle face cream was a huge leap forward for women who want to look younger naturally. Because the skin absorbs what you put on it, applying a peptide-rich moisturizer allows those peptides to enter the skin cells telling the cells, “It’s time to make more collagen.” So, your skin does. It makes more collagen the same way it did when you were in your twenties or thirties.  This promotes healthy renewal of skin cells the natural way and instead of looking bloated or tightly stretched like injections can cause, you now look much more like your younger self. Simple.

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