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Is Tanning Safe?

We get asked that a lot, and with summer fully under way we would like to give this topic the space it deserves. First, moderate exposure to the sun is desirable. It aids the body’s production of Vitamin D and helps regulate mood.  Some people react to sunless seasons with a seasonal depression because of the loss of full spectrum light.

But moderate exposure does not include sun bathing and tanning. Many people believe that tanning in a tanning bed is safer but may be surprised to learn that the FDA considers the damage your skin receives from an indoor tanning bed to be up to 12 times that of the damage received from a similar amount of time in the sun! Another fact that few people understand is that tanning occurs when the skin is exposed to Ultra Violet Radiation and the skin cells undergo changes (including darkening) as a result. Frequent tanning has been known to lead to accelerated aging, precancerous and cancerous skin cell changes, and a depressed immune system.

What can you do then to protect your skin and get at least a little bit of a bronze glow in the summer? First, whenever you go out be sure to where a good sunblock. Sun screens and sun blocks should be paraben free and a high enough SPF to really protect your skin. Our Protect Me broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 30 paraben free sunblock has the sun protection, the moisturizers and is paraben-free and water resistant. It can be worn under your makeup and is non-irritating for delicate skin.

The next thing you may want to do is use a self-tanner. If you are a mature woman you may remember the orange-y color and streaky results of early “tanning lotions.” These used mostly carotene for color and the result was not natural or consistent.

Modern self-tanners give you a bronze glow in about four hours from application. They go on smoothly and do not streak. So the result looks natural and you look great without risking the damage that can come from the sun. Ready to tan without the sun? Try Tan-Fan self-tanner and get the look you want with no sunburn!


Getting Your Beauty Sleep

Sometimes it seems like beauty is a lot of work, doesn’t it?  Polish this, exfoliate that, dye this, shave that, powder, lipstick, tweezers. Well, sometimes it seems like it never ends. How about a beauty treatment that is so easy you can do it in your sleep? Well, we have one. Next time you lie down for a good night’s sleep, do your nightly cleansing and then gently apply Nocturne Night Repair Cream. This rich, luscious face cream is a wonderful weapon against wrinkles and dry skin. While you slumber deeply, snuggled into your pillow, Nocturne penetrates the upper layer of skin and sinks in deep to make you more beautiful while you don’t do a thing!

night-cream-repairFor best results, wash your face with a good skin cleanser and gently pat with a towel until just damp or moist. Now, using your fingers or a cotton ball or other applicator, dab a small amount of Nocturne on your chin and jawline and gently work upwards. Never pull your face downwards when applying face creams. Go all the way up to your hairline and just in front of your ears on the sides. Congratulations! You have just applied a powerful anti-aging preparation that will work all night to make your skin smoother and silkier but will not clog your pores or leave you feeling greasy. Nocturne night cream vanishes into your skin quickly so you do not need to worry about a mess on your pillow.

Nocturne is gentle enough to be added to your daily night-time routine. The jojoba, squalane, Hyaluronic Acid, and cotton thistle extract deeply penetrate and promote healing and rejuvenation on a therapeutic level. You will be amazed at how radiant your skin will look and your friends will wonder what you’ve been doing. You can tell them and get extra reward points for referring a friend, or keep it our little secret! We are just happy that making you look even better is so easy you can do it in your sleep If you’re ready to banish wrinkles, click here to buy Nocturne Night Repair Cream.