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Take Your Vitamins!

Beautiful skin owes so much to some basic personal habits that we can learn to make a part of our day-to-day lives. Drinking plenty of water helps a lot because it keeps your body hydrated overall and allows your natural bodily systems to process out toxins and impurities. Nutrition also plays a big part including a panoply of vitamins and nutrients that enhance good health and make your skin look wonderful. Many fruits (and certainly mango!) contain anti-oxidants which fight free radicals and help retard the aging processes. Articles and studies have been done on the role of Vitamin E in healing skin blemishes.

One of the best anti-aging vitamins is powerful Vitamin K. This vitamin is found naturally in green leafy vegetables but our modern lifestyles often do not include enough fresh vegetables to really make a difference. Applied directly to the skin, Vitamin K is absorbed into the cells and has the ability to reduce bruising by shrinking the capillaries. This action also is effective in reducing spider veins and dark circles under the eyes. Rosacea sufferers report that redness can be reduced by applying Vitamin K directly to the red patches on their skin. That’s not a cure by any means but it gives a more normal appearance to the skin which can make a considerable difference to someone with Rosacea.

What we love it for the most is the ability to remove dark circles. Under eye circles don’t look good and can make us look older so any preparation that can diminish them should have a space in your skin care regimen. When you blend Vitamin K with hydrating moisturizers like hyaluronic acid and squalane, you have a wonderful anti-aging formula that makes your thirsty skin smoother and more beautiful while also making you look less tired. What a wonderful product. If you are ready to try RefreshMe Vitamin K Cream click here and see how beautiful your eyes can be!


Give Thirsty Skin Maximum Moisture

If you have dry skin you have probably run your fingers across it and wondered what it would take to make it smooth and silky. That’s an important concern because it does not just affect your tactile impressions of your skin. When your face feels dry, scratchy, flaky and parched the surface smoothness is only an indicator of problems deeper down. Skin cells feel rough or flaky when they are depleted of fluids and they dry out. As they dry, they crumple inward and lose their natural flexibility. Cracks appear and damage begins as the face sags and wrinkles. We think of the appearance that results from that process as “aging” when it is really more a function of “drying.” When you think of it that way it is kind of amazing isn’t it? You could keep your skin young if you successfully kept it hydrated! That’s really how simple it is.

When we are young, there are processes in place in our skin which keeps the skin moist and renews the hydration in cells. As we get older, starting in our twenties, the skin loses some of its ability to produce collagen and moisture is lost. Then the damage of dry skin begins to form lines and wrinkles around the mouth, around the eyes. Botox works because it keeps the skin from moving so it doesn’t wrinkle. But wouldn’t you rather have skin that moved naturally and didn’t wrinkle because it is well moisturized? Of course you would.

paraben-free-face-creamScientists have spent decades researching the normal process of skin aging and they discovered some natural chemicals that work with the skin to keep it moisturized and help the skin repair and renew itself. Two of the most effective ones, Hyaluronic Acid and Squalane are in our Maximum Moisture™™ face cream. As a matter of fact, Maximum Moisture™ contains the maximum therapeutic dose of Hyaluronic Acid. That is the amount that has been deemed to be effective for your skin. Less is not enough, more won’t accomplish anything extra.

How does it work? When Maximum Moisture™ is applied to your skin, it penetrates deep into the cells bringing hydration and restoring flexibility and suppleness to your skin. But it also does more. It is an ingredient that your body needs to boost collagen production so not only does it moisturize, it encourages your skins natural production of the collagen that young skin produces on its own. That’s why regular applications of Maximum Moisture work wonders for your skin! If you are ready to begin the healing process click here and learn more about Maximum Moisture™.

Light as Air, Smooth as Silk

It’s the hottest part of the summer – mid-June and you just don’t feel like wearing a mask on your face. On a beautiful day meant to be spent outdoors the idea of a heavy moisturizer, base makeup, powder and all the trimming just seems to be too much. You want something basic and something that just makes you look and feel pretty.

But skipping a moisturizer is not in your best interest.  Moisturizers are your biggest defense against wrinkles and sagging skin.  What if you could have a moisturizer that went on quickly and smoothly? One that was light and non-greasy, that felt like you were wearing nothing at all? There is something just that simple, Mango Miracle™ moisturizing day cream with aloe vera.

moisturizing-day-creamThis light moisturizer blends the power of hyaluronic acid, mango butter, shea butter and pure aloe vera into a luscious cream that goes on quickly, sinks in quickly and hydrates your skin without clogging your pores. You won’t believe you’re wearing anything at all and what makeup you do decide to wear will go on smoothly and flawlessly over this wonderful face cream.

Naturally, Mango Miracle™ is paraben-free, non-comedogenic, and was not tested on animals. It is just a light, gentle, effective skin conditioner that nourishes and promotes glowing health. If it is your only moisturizer during the summer you can use it twice a day; once before you apply makeup and again when you are ready for bed. Just gently smooth it on and let it protect and promote soft, smooth skin all night long.

If you have been looking for the quickest, lightest daily moisturizer that doesn’t leave out any of the anti-aging ingredients you have come to know and love, look no more! Mango Miracle™ is sure to become your new favorite product.

Like all Mango Madness products there are never artificial fragrances, added fillers or potentially harmful preservatives. Use with confidence and remember we have fast free shipping to speed our products to our customers!

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