What Products Help a Face With Oily Skin Fight Wrinkles?

So often, women with oily skin avoid skin care creams and makeup altogether. They fear that anything they put on their face will only make the oiliness worse and the face appear greasy. Nothing could be further from the truth. First, there are specific cleansers meant just for an oily face. These are so very important.

With oily skin it is very easy for the skin to appear greasy and visibly oily. When excess oil is present the pores get clogged and filled with oils which then promotes blackheads and pimples making the skin even harder to keep clean looking. Don’t despair if this is your situation, get busy cleaning the skin with a gentle but effective cleanser to stop blemishes and restore a more natural condition to your skin. It is very important to choose a non-irritating cleanser because you will want to use it just before bedtime, and again in the morning.

Next, choose a non-greasy retinol-based anti-wrinkle face cream. This will fight aging with the best ingredients and won’t leave your skin greasy or oily looking. A retinol-based wrinkle cream will stimulate collagen production and renew and nourish skin cells keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay daily.

Next, don’t forget a full-spectrum sun block. Many women with oily skin also have a darker complexion which tans easily. Unfortunately, even if your skin is not getting a visible sunburn, damage is being done by the UV rays to your skin cells. You may think you look marvelous with that dark tan, but you will age more quickly because of tanning than your friends who protected their skin with clothing or sun screen. Dry skin or oily skin, the sun is not your friend.

Finally, use additional products on trouble spots as needed such a Necquelle for a smoother neck or Refresh Me under eye cream to banish the dark circles and tired look.

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