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Why We Don’t Provide Samples

Women are used to receiving samples in almost every conceivable area of life. Want to try a new perfume? Stop by the fragrance counter and get some little tester vials. Want to try a new shade of makeup? Your brand probably has small sample sizes so you can try it on and see if it covers like they say it does.

samplesAnd, like most manufacturers, we get asked from time to time if we provide samples. But skin care is not like makeup. Skin does not age over night and aging cannot be counter-acted in one application of a product. When peptides penetrate the layers of a skin cell, they help your skin renew the way it did automatically when you were in your twenties. They stimulate the production of collagen which is the connective tissue that keeps skin looking smooth and prevents sagging. These are changes that are occurring on a cellular level and on a day to day basis. Slowly, lines and webbing in your skin begin to fill in and smooth out. Daily, the applications of peptides and hyaluronic acid tell your skin to produce collagen and retain moisture which keeps new wrinkles from forming and reduces the severity of deeper lines.

As you continue to treat your skin with high grade skin care therapies you will see your skin looking fresher, looking younger, with more even color and less sagging and drooping. Soon, you look at a picture of yourself from just six months ago and you are startled at the difference. Friends are commenting on how lovely you look and hinting that you “had something done.” You can’t achieve that overnight by putting a little dab of a sample product along your chin line. It is a commitment to enhancing your natural defenses against aging that begins to make a difference.

So how can you try our products without a risk of wasting your money? That’s where our 90-day satisfaction guarantee comes in. Yes, you heard right, 90 days. We have one of the longest “try it” guarantees in the industry. We know the changes don’t occur over night so we want you to be sure you are satisfied. We even have a specialist ready to help you if you think you might not be using it right or don’t feel you’re getting the full benefit. We’ll discuss your application methods, frequency and timing and see if you need a personalized plan that would be more effective.

Why do we go to all that trouble? Because you are worth it. We want our customers to be the most loyal and happy customers in the world. So we have created products that work, stellar customer service, fast as lightning shipping, and a great guarantee. Are we forgetting anything? Look over our website and our products and see!


Is It Too Late?

I was surprised recently when I was in a group of women talking about wrinkle creams and one woman said, “That’s great if you’re twenty-five. By the time you are my age there’s no point in using anything any more.” Do you know people who believe this myth? Nothing could be further from the truth!

It is true that the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” has a point. The truth is, if we all took perfect care of ourselves in our twenties we would probably live to be 110 and look 35! But we don’t. Many women do not begin to even think about anti-aging products until they get the first grey hairs or notice crows feet forming at the corners of their eyes. Fortunately, there are anti-aging face creams designed specifically for mature skin. After all, this is the skin that needs a collagen production boost and can most benefit from exfoliating and a neck cream.

So let’s look a little closer at the science of aging and the war against it. First, faces wrinkle because they lose moisture and elasticity from the skin cells. If your face has already formed deep lines and wrinkles they will not go away magically. BUT they can diminish, lessen, and not increase. Your skin can, yes it can, go from looking dry and lifeless to looking dewy and radiant. Your color can look more even and your age spots fade and lighten. Fine lines can disappear and deep lines begin to fill in. How? By using good quality ingredients that penetrate the layers of skin, promote collagen production, help skin retain moisture and flexibility, and lighten and tone the skin.

I can hear you thinking, what do I do first? The first thing you should do is begin to cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser such as our Rosehip Seed Oil Cleanser. It will not irritate mature skin but it will leave it cleaner and open the pores. Every other day, use a scrub to exfoliate. Daily, use a moisturizer with Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid to help your face fight the drying effects of aging. Want to know more? We have a page written just for you. Skin Products for sensitive and mature skin.


Are You Irritating Your Skin?

We all want to have beautiful skin but we are also often our skin’s worst enemy. We don’t get enough hydration through water or moisturizers, we smoke, we stay out in the sun, stay indoors with forced-air heat, and wear irritating fragrances and preparations that cause damage to our skin. A great example of the last thing on that list is using preparations that cause damage to our skin. There are more than you would think. Did you realize anti-bacterial soaps can lower our immune system? It has been proven to be true. Parabens, the source of a lot of controversy, have actually been shown to advance aging in the skin and yet they are used as preservatives in many anti-wrinkle preparations.

So what can you do to make sure that you keep your skin wrinkle-free, smooth and silky? First, the obvious, stop smoking and avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Smoking is bad for you on so many levels and it is very hard on your skin. It literally starves the skin of blood supply and hydration which is why smokers have more than twice as many wrinkles around their mouths as women who did not smoke. Next, wear a hat, slather on sunscreen, stay inside. Whatever it takes to get out of the sun, for your skin’s sake do it!

The next ones are easy:

  • focus on good nutrition with plenty of fruits and vitamins
  • drink plenty of liquids especially water
  • get plenty of sleep and try to avoid stress wherever possible

Finally, watch your personal care products from soaps to makeup to face creams and make sure there are no parabens listed on the label. If you see parabens, purchase a different brand. Parabens have been linked with possible breast cancer and are known hormone disruptors. That’s bad enough but they have also been shown to promote aging. There is no need to put anything on your skin that promotes aging. Aging happens anyway, so let’s avoid it! Ready to buy paraben-free skin care? Here’s your link to the best you can get!