Is It Too Late?

I was surprised recently when I was in a group of women talking about wrinkle creams and one woman said, “That’s great if you’re twenty-five. By the time you are my age there’s no point in using anything any more.” Do you know people who believe this myth? Nothing could be further from the truth!

It is true that the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” has a point. The truth is, if we all took perfect care of ourselves in our twenties we would probably live to be 110 and look 35! But we don’t. Many women do not begin to even think about anti-aging products until they get the first grey hairs or notice crows feet forming at the corners of their eyes. Fortunately, there are anti-aging face creams designed specifically for mature skin. After all, this is the skin that needs a collagen production boost and can most benefit from exfoliating and a neck cream.

So let’s look a little closer at the science of aging and the war against it. First, faces wrinkle because they lose moisture and elasticity from the skin cells. If your face has already formed deep lines and wrinkles they will not go away magically. BUT they can diminish, lessen, and not increase. Your skin can, yes it can, go from looking dry and lifeless to looking dewy and radiant. Your color can look more even and your age spots fade and lighten. Fine lines can disappear and deep lines begin to fill in. How? By using good quality ingredients that penetrate the layers of skin, promote collagen production, help skin retain moisture and flexibility, and lighten and tone the skin.

I can hear you thinking, what do I do first? The first thing you should do is begin to cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser such as our Rosehip Seed Oil Cleanser. It will not irritate mature skin but it will leave it cleaner and open the pores. Every other day, use a scrub to exfoliate. Daily, use a moisturizer with Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid to help your face fight the drying effects of aging. Want to know more? We have a page written just for you. Skin Products for sensitive and mature skin.