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Does Winter Make You Tired?

It does me! The darker days make me feel sleepier and less well rested. The lack of sunlight plays with my mood and that has its effect on how tired I look and feel as well. As the day progresses I catch myself yawning and rubbing at my eyes, never a good thing to do.

vitamin-k-eye-creamIf you also react this way to winter, this may be the time to try our Vitamin K cream for tired eyes. Vitamin K is used topically on your skin to minimize spider veins, bruises, stretch marks, burns, and rosacea. It is even used post-surgery to help skin heal better and faster. Vitamin K works by improving blood flow and circulation so it helps bruises disappear and is the treatment of choice for the dark circles under your eyes. The skin under and around your eyes is delicate and much thinner than on your chin or forehead. So any cream you use around your eyes should be free of artificial fragrances, fillers and preservatives that might  irritate the skin.

With our Refresh Me Dark Circle Cream with Vitamin K you can get rid of that “too tired to function” look and transform your eyes.  Instead of shadowed, darkened eyes, your eyes will look refreshed. The skin underneath them will be smoother and firmer, the skin at the corners will benefit from the hyaluronic acid and squalane moisturizers in the cream which will help to reduce crow’s feet and laugh lines.

Because there are no parabens, no artificial fragrances, and no chemical fillers your eyes will not be irritated. They will be clear and alert looking and you will feel as good as you look. Get rid of the dark-and-puffy look that makes people think you are exhausted and enjoy a brand new look with Refresh Me Under-Eye Cream.

Combination Skin, Blessing or Curse?

There are people with dry skin and people with oily skin; and then there are people with the dreaded combination skin. If you have combination skin you know exactly what I mean. Some patches are shiny with oil and in other places your skin is dry. You feel like you have to use different cleansers and moisturizers for different areas of your face.

In many women, the combination skin has a configuration known as the T-zone. The skin on the cheeks and around the eyes and under the chin is dry. But the forehead, nose, and chin are oily. The oily areas form a T shape on your face and are particularly frustrating for skin care and makeup application.

The same makeup that glides smoothly onto your cheeks may not cover as well in the oily areas. A cleanser that takes the oil off of your forehead may be to strong for the rest of your face. What is a woman to do? Well there are some skin products that are formulated to be effective on your whole face, believe it or not!

There are moisturizers that are light enough for the oily areas and yet they sink into the dry skin and renew it, making it softer and smoother. There are also cleansers that are very good at removing excess oil without irritating the more fragile surface of dry skin. Our skin experts have put together a great chart showing which products to use with complex skin combinations and you can take advantage of their expertise to simplify your life and your beauty regimen.

This chart points you in the right direction to get the best anti-aging products with the right formulation for the complexity of your face. You will find benefits almost immediately as makeup will go on more smoothly and skin irritations will be soothed away. Long term benefits include increased collagen production and superior moisturizing. Don’t wait, click here to see our recommendations for your combination skin!


Night Creams

Some of us are old enough to remember our mothers using “cold cream” to remove makeup and to moisturize their faces overnight. I have even known ladies who swore by a liberal application of Vaseline all over the face to “seal in moisture.” How did that custom get started and where are we today?

You might be surprised to know that “cold cream” goes back 2000 years. There are various old formulas but they all include wax, water, fats (grease or oils), scent. Old advertisements promise to banish small pox marks, remove wrinkles, get rid of red and rough skin, heal blemishes. The claims are not very different from those made today; but the science and formulas certainly are.

Instead of applying waxy cold cream overnight, consider our Nocturne Night Repair Cream. It uses cotton thistle extract to stimulate the repair process in your skin. It contains hyaluronic acid to thoroughly moisturize depleted cells. This is not an artificial medicine, this is a natural process your body already uses to repair your skin. The night cream merely stimulates that process and uses the incredible hydrating power of hyaluronic acid to get moisture deep into thirsty skin cells while you dream. Your body refreshes and relaxes during sleep while your skin softens, absorbs moisture, and smooths away wrinkles.

When you awake, your skin feels silky-smooth and looks beautiful. If you feel your daily face cream or moisturizer is not quite doing all it could, consider using Nocturne Night Repair Cream to complete the process. We think you’ll agree we have come a long way since the days of wax, water, and grease cold creams!

Try Nocturne Night Repair Creamnight-cream-repair today with complete confidence. We offer a money-back guarantee to make sure you are totally satisfied. And you know you’ll get it on time because we offer free priority shipping!