Does Winter Make You Tired?

It does me! The darker days make me feel sleepier and less well rested. The lack of sunlight plays with my mood and that has its effect on how tired I look and feel as well. As the day progresses I catch myself yawning and rubbing at my eyes, never a good thing to do.

vitamin-k-eye-creamIf you also react this way to winter, this may be the time to try our Vitamin K cream for tired eyes. Vitamin K is used topically on your skin to minimize spider veins, bruises, stretch marks, burns, and rosacea. It is even used post-surgery to help skin heal better and faster. Vitamin K works by improving blood flow and circulation so it helps bruises disappear and is the treatment of choice for the dark circles under your eyes. The skin under and around your eyes is delicate and much thinner than on your chin or forehead. So any cream you use around your eyes should be free of artificial fragrances, fillers and preservatives that might  irritate the skin.

With our Refresh Me Dark Circle Cream with Vitamin K you can get rid of that “too tired to function” look and transform your eyes.  Instead of shadowed, darkened eyes, your eyes will look refreshed. The skin underneath them will be smoother and firmer, the skin at the corners will benefit from the hyaluronic acid and squalane moisturizers in the cream which will help to reduce crow’s feet and laugh lines.

Because there are no parabens, no artificial fragrances, and no chemical fillers your eyes will not be irritated. They will be clear and alert looking and you will feel as good as you look. Get rid of the dark-and-puffy look that makes people think you are exhausted and enjoy a brand new look with Refresh Me Under-Eye Cream.