New Year, New You!

Are you ready to face the end of 2013? The ball drops in only four more days and those short days are the time we have to rethink how we have lived this year. How many simple regrets do you have? Are you sorry about money you spent? Sorry about things you shouldn’t have said? Or, are your regrets more along the lines of things you should have done. Perhaps you are thinking you should have exercised more or stuck to your diet, or volunteered at a local community art initiative. It doesn’t matter. Now we have a chance to start over and do 2014 right.

My first suggestion is taking better care of yourself. Nutrition is a key issue, as is getting off the couch and moving – exercise doesn’t have to be at a gym or doing 100 reps of anything. You just have to get moving.

If you are not sure what you should be doing for your face, try this. Our recommended beauty regimen. Look it over and see how close it is to what you are actually doing. The closer you are the better your skin will look and feel. And that’s important. It isn’t just about looks. It’s about getting hydration deep into the pores of your skin, encouraging the renewal of collagen, sloughing off dead skin and creating smooth new layers that have less uneven coloration, less lines and wrinkles, less rough patches. In other words, healthier skin all around. If you need more specific advice we have sections for oily skin, dry skin, and sensitive skin as well.

Make a resolution on December 31st that for 2014 you will treat your skin the best you can and see if by the end of January you don’t have skin that is just amazing! Make time for YOU in 2014 and don’t let anyone hold you back!