Skin Like A Teenager, With Acne

Women in their thirties and forties always wish they had skin like a dewy-eyed teen – all radiant and smooth with a porcelain clarity to it. But no one wishes they had skin like a teen with acne, and yet that is exactly what happens to some women as they reach menopause or pre-menopause. The same hormones that made teen faces break out in white heads, black heads and blotches are back again in full force making your emotions run amok and your skin erupt nightly. What can you do?

The most important thing to do is keep your hands away from your face. Just like when your Mom told you not to make it worse by scratching or picking. But there is another reason too, hands have oils and salt on them and you do not want to add to the skin issues on your face or spread any bacteria. So to start with, wash your face twice each day very gently. A light cleanser like our Rose Hip Seed Oil cleanser is gentle enough to use on skin with active breakouts but thorough enough to leave skin clean and pores unclogged. Use it twice a day, just after rising and just before bed and that will be a great start.

This wonderful cleanser delivers Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Omega 3, 6, and 9, along with beta-carotene and lycopene to ward off free radicals as it washes away surface grime.

Don’t stop there. Your next step is to use a retinol-based moisturizer to get the maximum amount of healing Vitamin A to your beautiful skin. Renew Youth works to promote healing and minimize skin damage so your skin looks better and breakouts heal more quickly. Putting a light layer on after cleansing can make makeup go on more smoothly and result in a more beautiful you with or without a little blemish.

You can try these products with confidence due to our amazing money-back guarantee and you won’t wait long because we ship everything quickly!

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