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The Opposite of Moist is Dry

Those of us who have dry skin know how very important a moisturizer is. We try to hydrate from within by drinking water and making sure we are on top of our nutritional needs, but it doesn’t seem to do as much good as it should. Then you throw in winter with its dry forced-air heating in most homes, and the skin dries out even more. What is a woman to do?

Well, dry skin does require extra effort and emphasis on specific products more than others. For one thing, you need to very gently exfoliate because dry skin cells turn into dead skin cells very quickly. Additionally, protecting that skin from the sun is critical, and moisturizing dry skin can seem to be a never ending battle.

We sell a lot of anti-aging, anti-wrinkle products and a fairly high percentage of our customers report that their skin is dry. So we have created a collection of products that we feel really help a woman with dry skin look her absolute best.

We have identified certain cleansers that do a good job of cleaning your face without drying it or stripping away the natural oils. We also have some exfoliators that will remove the dead skin cells, as well as a good line of moisturizers that go on smoothly and then penetrate deeply for maximum hydration of the layers of your skin cells. If you follow those recommendations, you will have a complexion that your friends will envy. Dry skin won’t win over your new beauty regimen; you’ll be delighted with the results before the first jar is completely gone.

Trust Mango Madness Skin Care to give you the right advice when it comes to taking good care of your skin. This is a business we have devoted all of our skills and knowledge to and we’ve done it so that you will get the optimal benefits for your pretty face. Read how to care for dry skin here.


Peptides, Your Skin’s Secret Weapon Against Age

Two years ago, celebrity medical authority, Dr. Mehmet Oz, explained the value of peptides to women and the skincare world had a new buzzword. “Peptides!” became the rallying cry of women and men who were serious about fighting the visible signs of aging on their skin. Crows feet, webbing around the eyes, lines around the mouth or on the forehead had been a curse to everyone over the age of forty. But peptides promised to take care of all that painlessly and relatively affordably.

Consumers were ready to embrace the power of peptides, ingredients researchers had uncovered and begun adding to expensive face creams. But most people really did not know what peptides were, why they worked, or whether they were more or less effective than any other “must have” ingredient. Peptides were revealed as not some magic chemical but building blocks of our natural skin that are present in everyone’s body. The truth about peptides is:

  • They are safer to use than Retinol
  • They are more effective than Vitamin C
  • They are much less expensive and risky than Botox®
  • They are a natural collagen booster

deep-wrinkle-reducerWhen you take six of those potent peptides and combine them with natural oils, hyaluronic acid, and squalane, you have the best of both worlds: powerful hydration and amazing skin renewal and improvement. Peptide 6® offers these peptides at the maximum therapeutic dose so you will see the best results before the first jar is finished.

You don’t have to have a facial peel or treatment from a surgeon or medical spa to look younger than your age, you need the natural revitalizing processes of your skin boosted by the very ingredients your skin would use. It’s that simple!

Trust Mango Madness Skin Care to create Peptide 6® and offer it to you with a money-back guarantee and fast shipping. Even better, Peptide 6® contains no parabens or other chemical preservatives or fillers, artificial fragrances or formaldehyde-releasing ingredients. You can buy with confidence and use everyday! Buy Peptide 6® Wrinkle Cream.



Spring Forward

We are not quite there yet but I am already dreaming of Spring. I can’t wait to wear light dresses, sandals, and shed all of these heavy clothes that I’ve been burdened with throughout the Winter months. I know we are not quite to Spring yet but that doesn’t mean I can’t look ahead!

The first plan I have for Spring is to do a thorough exfoliation of my skin, and for that I have a number of choices. I could go to a medical spa for a serious peel but that makes me nervous. I’d rather use a gentler product and not risk damaging my skin. Right now my choices are:

Oh Honey, Amber Facial Scrub – This one really appeals to me. I love the little amber exfoliating crystals and the honey and vanilla cleansing and moisturizing scrub just makes it all seem so luxurious and enjoyable. The jar is good for about 40 exfoliation treatments so it is a great buy as well!

Or, I could use Exfoliate Me™ Glycolic Facial Cleanser, a preparation that uses glycolic acid to gently remove dead skin cells and promote and encourage growth of new cells. You can use it occasionally, or even every day as part of your regimen. It works on all skin types and is a superior product if you are dealing with discolorations and unevenness in skin color, or blemishes from acne.

My favorite to work on my skin after a long winter has always been the Microdermabrasion Exfoliating Cream. Gently abrasive crystals go to work scrubbing your skin, while the moisturizing effects of Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Grapeseed Extract and Jojoba Oil smooth away any imperfections or fine wrinkles. What a feeling! Afterwards, my skin feels as if I’ve had a spa treatment and makeup just glides on!

Whichever one you choose, make sure it is paraben-free, cruelty-free, and contains no artificial fragrances or formaldehyde products. Treat your skin with love and you’ll look radiant!