Renewing and Refreshing Your Skin

You know all the reasons that you should exfoliate:

  • Dead skin cells look dull, feel rough.
  • Dead skin cells block applied hydration and nutrients from reaching live skin cells.
  • Dead skin cells make cosmetics go on unevenly.

There are many more and I could probably fill this blog with what a nuisance dead skin cells are but that is not the purpose of my writing today. I’d like to focus instead on the ways we choose to remove dead skin cells and the relative merits of some methods. For one thing, many people do not know what is in a product if it is called an exfoliant or exfoliator. And that is because all that means is that it removes the dead skin cells. It doesn’t tell you in the name how it does it.

There are a lot of ways. Some of the most common are the put-on-peel-off masks. Those basically adhere to your skin and when you pull them off you take off a layer of dead skin. Then there are the abrasives. These work exactly like a gentle sandpaper. They have tiny beads, crystals, or other material in the cream and you apply it to your skin to remove the imperfections.

Then there are the peels. These can be formulated from fruit acids or various chemicals that peel away the top layer of skin. Some of these procedures have to be done in a doctor’s office and take weeks to heal. The gentler ones, made with Alpha Hydroxy Acid, are a natural fruit gel that smooth on and work by dissolving away the dull, dry cells and revealing the newer skin beneath. This simple method is safe to use at home and will not leave your skin red and irritated.

Our best AHA peel is made with 15% fruit acid gel and you only have to apply it, wait 2-3 minutes, and rinse off. Pat your face dry and apply your favorite moisturizer and your skin is fresh, smooth, and glowing!

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