I have Oily Skin – Should I Moisturize?

Lucky you! Skin that is high in natural oils ages more slowly than dry skin so you have an advantage! The oils that our skin creates protect that same skin from environmental factors, evaporation of skin moisture, and impurities in water or soaps. When you use a soap with SLS in it, you are actually stripping your skin of one of its most valuable natural blessings. SLS, used in industrial settings is a degreaser! It is used to remove engine grease and oil. Imagine something that harsh being in your shampoo and shower gel.

So first, you want to make sure you use a bath or hair product that does not strip away the essential oils your skin uses to stay supple. Second, you want to appreciate them and do not try to strip them off before you apply makeup. Just apply makeup sparingly and use a light translucent powder to take off any shine. At night use a deep moisturizer like Maximum Moisture or Nocturne because they penetrate the skin and promote collagen production and cell renewal. Then, in the day time you can use a light moisturizer like Mango Miracle Daily Moisturizer.

You still want to use a moisturizer with oily skin because there are other factors that can and do dehydrate your skin including temperature, the amount of water you drink, humidity in the air and level of exercise you get.

Keeping your face healthy and soft is key to looking beautiful with any type of skin. Learn more about care for oily skin here on Mango Madness. These articles are written by our skin care experts for your information and to help you choose products. Remember, always choose paraben-free products for your skin and keep your skin moisturized!