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July Delivers a Jolt of Heat

How does a woman stay cool in the summer and still protect her skin? Perhaps a complete Bedouin outfit with layers of fabric while hiding inside an air-conditioned building would do it?!

It’s not easy but if you follow some simple rules you will be able to keep your skin safe and your body as comfortable as possible. Living in Florida for years gives you some pointers to go by! Here are the things we have found work:

  • Avoid going out of doors between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM. Those are the hottest times of the day when the sun is right overhead glaring down on you. These are the times you will feel like a baked potato and your skin will be exposed to the greatest amount of UVA and UVB rays shining down.
  • Wear light colors and layer light fabrics covering as much of your body as you are comfortable with. Lightweight linen slacks, a flowing summery skirt, a white overshirt with a little tank underneath, will all help you feel less heavy, less confined. Your skin needs to breathe in order to stay cool so now is the time for the lightest, loosest fabrics.
  • We’ve said it before in many places but it bears repeating here: Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and lighter fruit juice infused drinks. Avoid alcohol and / or caffeine as both can make you feel flushed and hotter.

After you’ve been out in the summer heat, take a cool, refreshing shower and try one of our wonderful paraben-free moisturizers. That will help your skin recover any lost moisture as the hydration penetrates and renews your thirsty skin cells. Try one of these options.

Maximum Moistureparaben-free-face-cream ™ with therapeutic Hyaluronic Acid for maximum hydration.




deep-wrinkle-reducerPeptide 6® with 6 potent peptides and Hyaluronic Acid but never parabens or artificial fragrances or fillers!

Happiness – How Does it Affect Our Skin?

This blog can’t get into too much depth on the incredible number of reputable studies that prove that mood affects the body. For the last decade as researchers have turned out more and more facts about how hormone levels are affected by stress, and about how our sleep patterns and eating habits are affected by stress, we have seen a huge trend towards a more positive way of living. Facebook only has a Like button. Positive reinforcement, positive affirmations, and motivational mantras are everywhere.

If stress and unhappiness really affect our bodies so negatively, do they have any direct affect on the skin itself? Absolutely. While laughing can contribute to crow’s feet around the eyes, worry can create those little lines between the eyebrows known as “frownies.” Worry also contributes to dark circles and puffiness around the eyes because it inhibits your body’s ability to get a good night sleep. An angry set to the mouth or sour look can increase the lines of your lower face as can the faces we make when we get a tension headache.

That does not count the chemical changes happening in the cells. Higher levels of cortisol are linked to type II Diabetes which affects blood supply to the skin and the extremities. Higher blood sugar is linked to higher incidence of blood clotting and venous insufficiency. When the blood is thicker and clots more easily it cannot move as smoothly through capillaries and the fine mesh of blood vessels in delicate tissue. And, people who are upset are more likely to drink and smoke; habits that cause skin to age.

What can you do if you are stressed? First, drink a large glass of water each morning to help your body deal with the toxins a stressed body carries. Second, try to work at least a little exercise into your day. Your body needs it and will thank you for it. Next, watch a funny movie or at least a funny video on YouTube. Call a friend who has a good sense of humor and keep the conversation light. Laughter helps you sleep, helps you shake off the blues. Finally, use our Vitamin K Under Eye Cream to help your eyes and face look less fatigued. When you look better, you feel better. We want YOU to look and feel your best every day!


What Did We Leave Out?

One of our big selling points is that we are Paraben Free, and many people know how important that is and how that sets us apart from the vast majority of skin care products. But that isn’t all we are free of and some of the other, less well-known stuff, is important to leave out as well.

First, we do not now nor will we ever use estrogen-mimicking compounds. There are a lot of those in the world and they are prevalent in many common household products, skin care products, and food products. They are even present in packaging materials and can leach into your food. We think very carefully before we add anything to one of our products and it is important to us that we not be one more source of toxins in our customers lives.

We also do not put in formaldehydes, phthalates, or any artificial fragrances. We do not want anything that has been found to be a health hazard in our products, and we also do not want anything that can irritate skin. We are here to make your skin smoother and more youthful, not red and sore!

We also avoid animal testing because we don’t believe in it and we do not think you do either.

So maybe it looks like we are leaving out a number of things and acting as if that makes us special or our products better. The truth is, that it does. Having less fillers and dubious ingredients in our products means that we have more of the good stuff that helps your skin to improve! It also means there is less for you to worry about. You don’t have to read down a huge list of ingredients on our labels and try to figure out which ones are good and which are bad. In this industry, simple is better!

And last, it means we do not compromise with your health or your ethics for a higher profit margin. We make our living off of the value we offer to our customers and that makes us sleep good at night! We want you to buy Mango Madness Skin Care because you feel great about it and we work to keep it that way!

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