Happiness – How Does it Affect Our Skin?

This blog can’t get into too much depth on the incredible number of reputable studies that prove that mood affects the body. For the last decade as researchers have turned out more and more facts about how hormone levels are affected by stress, and about how our sleep patterns and eating habits are affected by stress, we have seen a huge trend towards a more positive way of living. Facebook only has a Like button. Positive reinforcement, positive affirmations, and motivational mantras are everywhere.

If stress and unhappiness really affect our bodies so negatively, do they have any direct affect on the skin itself? Absolutely. While laughing can contribute to crow’s feet around the eyes, worry can create those little lines between the eyebrows known as “frownies.” Worry also contributes to dark circles and puffiness around the eyes because it inhibits your body’s ability to get a good night sleep. An angry set to the mouth or sour look can increase the lines of your lower face as can the faces we make when we get a tension headache.

That does not count the chemical changes happening in the cells. Higher levels of cortisol are linked to type II Diabetes which affects blood supply to the skin and the extremities. Higher blood sugar is linked to higher incidence of blood clotting and venous insufficiency. When the blood is thicker and clots more easily it cannot move as smoothly through capillaries and the fine mesh of blood vessels in delicate tissue. And, people who are upset are more likely to drink and smoke; habits that cause skin to age.

What can you do if you are stressed? First, drink a large glass of water each morning to help your body deal with the toxins a stressed body carries. Second, try to work at least a little exercise into your day. Your body needs it and will thank you for it. Next, watch a funny movie or at least a funny video on YouTube. Call a friend who has a good sense of humor and keep the conversation light. Laughter helps you sleep, helps you shake off the blues. Finally, use our Vitamin K Under Eye Cream to help your eyes and face look less fatigued. When you look better, you feel better. We want YOU to look and feel your best every day!