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The Good Old Days are Now!

Every once in a while I read some nostalgic piece about the “good old days” when things were simpler and more wholesome. But, on a closer look, that almost never turns out to be true. That is especially the case when you consider skin care.

vintageskinThere was a time when most women simply had no time or energy to worry about their skin. They toiled in garment factories, took care of their homes while their men were down in a mine, and less than 1% had the luxury to gaze into a mirror and worry about their skin. The advent of the industrial era and electric lighting changed all of that. Women began to have more time, and everyone could see each other more clearly. Suddenly, ads began to spring up for nostrums guaranteed to keep your skin light and creamy and smooth. To enhance the lighter color of skin women resorted to milk baths, arsenic, and cold creams comprised of fats and beeswax. Smart women of the day carried a parasol at all times. That, at least has not changed. Avoiding direct sun is always a good option!

Then came the “scientific” era and women smeared oily petroleum products onto their faces and creams containing Lanolin, derived from sheeps wool. The thinking behind both of those was that protecting the fact from dehydration was a good idea. And it was! Now we are in the twenty-first century and we know so much more.

We understand the building-blocks of skin. Science has unveiled how collagen works to keep skin supple and the role hyaluronic acid plays in retaining moisture in skin cells. We now know how peptides help in renewing and promoting regrowth of critical skin systems. We aren’t guessing any more and telling women, “here put this sheep oil on your face.” Sophisticated skin care companies are working directly with the skin itself to renew and enhance what nature was already doing.

Are you ready to take advantage of the best solutions this era has to offer? Get ready to enjoy your best skin and remember, every Mango Madness product is paraben-free, phthalate-free, cruelty-free and backed with an amazing money-back guarantee. Welcome to the best days we’ve ever had!

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Why Fight Aging?

Society today seems to be of two minds: rush to get constant cosmetic procedures, or accept yourself as you are and look down on anyone who gets a peel or a lift. The trouble is, both of those directions are extreme. One thing society has always embraced is the look of youth. Neither of the extremes work to make you retain a youthful look. The other thing to consider is health. Looking youthful is one thing, but being healthy and retaining your youthful looks is much more desirable.

Esthetician-AdviceThat’s where recent science comes in. As medical science gets more and more knowledgeable about the aging process, we learn what we can do to stop the damage that happens to cells. And, as any article on skin damage can tell you, a lot of what we call “aging” is really the cumulative effects of lifestyle and environmental damage. Sun damage, smoking, harsh cleansers, chemicals such as parabens and formaldehyde, all play a part in how our skin cells breakdown. The result that we call “aging” would happen much more slowly and less dramatically if we could simply avoid all of those causes.

So how can we help our skin look and feel its most healthy without resorting to surgical methods or injecting artificial substances or toxins under our skin? It’s more simple than you might think. Several ingredients in medical grade skin care can help boost natural skin renewal and aid in collagen production and moisture retention. It is the drying and depletion of skin cell moisture that causes skin to loose suppleness and form wrinkles. When that process is reversed, skin is smoother, more elastic.

A good option for older skin is Peptide 6®. By utilizing six powerful peptides found in your skin naturally, new wrinkle formation is inhibited, and existing lines diminished. Collagen production is enhanced, and the hyaluronic acid in Peptide 6® is a potent moisturizer helping the skin stay hydrated the way young skin does. It’s really all about restoring health to your skin.

If you have not tried Peptide 6® this is your chance. Fast, free shipping and a money back guarantee make it easy. The results will soon make it your favorite face cream!

7 Travel Tips For Beautiful Skin

Travel is fun and we all like to dream about jetting off to a Caribbean island and rocking gently in a hammock. But travel also takes extra planning and care to maintain your health and keep your stress level down. So here are our favorite travel tips for staying beautiful and serene!

  1. Planning your trip? Don’t pack in too many events and destinations. When the itinerary lists three activities and a different country every day, it tends to get hectic and difficult to manage. Plan your top destinations and favorite activities and nothing more. You can always fit the others in if you end up having time on your hands.
  2. Get plenty of sleep before, during and after. If you’re going to be in multiple time zones you may experience jet lag. Give yourself time for a nap here and there and go to bed a little earlier the night before you leave.
  3. Drink plenty of (bottled) water. Water is essential for every aspect of your health.
  4. You may not go through your usual beauty regimen while you are traveling but pack a good cleanser, a sunblock, and your favorite paraben-free moisturizer. Those three will carry you through most situations and protect your skin from drying.
  5. Cleanse gently nightly before lying down and then apply moisturizer. You will pick up environmental pollutants and airborne particles while in airports, on planes, trains and ships. Cleanse them away and then smooth on your moisturizer so your skin refreshes and renews over night.
  6. Do not go anywhere without wearing sunblock. If you are sightseeing you may be in the sun more than you usually are even if you aren’t on a tropical island.
  7. If you do pick up a face cream or moisturizer in another country, read the label carefully and make sure it has no parabens or formaldehyde or phthalates. Preferably it will be cruelty-free.

That’s it! Enjoy your travel and stay safe. If you follow these tips you’ll return home glowing and relaxed with beautiful skin!