7 Travel Tips For Beautiful Skin

Travel is fun and we all like to dream about jetting off to a Caribbean island and rocking gently in a hammock. But travel also takes extra planning and care to maintain your health and keep your stress level down. So here are our favorite travel tips for staying beautiful and serene!

  1. Planning your trip? Don’t pack in too many events and destinations. When the itinerary lists three activities and a different country every day, it tends to get hectic and difficult to manage. Plan your top destinations and favorite activities and nothing more. You can always fit the others in if you end up having time on your hands.
  2. Get plenty of sleep before, during and after. If you’re going to be in multiple time zones you may experience jet lag. Give yourself time for a nap here and there and go to bed a little earlier the night before you leave.
  3. Drink plenty of (bottled) water. Water is essential for every aspect of your health.
  4. You may not go through your usual beauty regimen while you are traveling but pack a good cleanser, a sunblock, and your favorite paraben-free moisturizer. Those three will carry you through most situations and protect your skin from drying.
  5. Cleanse gently nightly before lying down and then apply moisturizer. You will pick up environmental pollutants and airborne particles while in airports, on planes, trains and ships. Cleanse them away and then smooth on your moisturizer so your skin refreshes and renews over night.
  6. Do not go anywhere without wearing sunblock. If you are sightseeing you may be in the sun more than you usually are even if you aren’t on a tropical island.
  7. If you do pick up a face cream or moisturizer in another country, read the label carefully and make sure it has no parabens or formaldehyde or phthalates. Preferably it will be cruelty-free.

That’s it! Enjoy your travel and stay safe. If you follow these tips you’ll return home glowing and relaxed with beautiful skin!