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Save Money For A Good Cause in October

October is breast cancer awareness month and our blog readers may not be aware of just how much that means to Mango Madness Skin Care. Seven years ago, when discoveries about the potential health risks of parabens were just being made public, we started really reading labels closely. And what we saw, even in expensive skin care products, truly shocked us. How could ingredients with links to skin cancer be part of the beauty industry?

We discovered our mission and we developed the formulas used in Mango Madness Skin Care to this day. High quality anti-aging ingredients, no chemicals known to be potentially hazardous, no animal testing, no preservatives, no fillers, no fragrances. Just the ingredients you wanted.

Now, as we go into October we want to celebrate the discoveries that took us on this journey and celebrate the women we hold dear. So for the entire month of October we are offering $5.00 off any order of $30.00 or more. And that’s not all. For every purchase using that coupon we will donate $1 to a local breast cancer support charity.

Here is your chance to look good and do good, with the best anti-aging products available. And, as usual you get free shipping.

So take this opportunity to use our $5.00 off coupon and to try one of the products you have not tried yet, or spend the money towards one of your old favorites. And tell other women, this is where you come to get products you can trust each and every time.

Save $5.00 This coupon is good for $5.00 off any order over $30. At checkout, please enter the code: OCTOBER.

Skin is Skin – Or Is It?

Skin, beautiful skin. It is the largest organ of the body and covers our entire body with a soft, smooth surface that keeps us waterproof, repels germs, and protects us from all of the things that bump up against us every day.

HA_firming_creamOur skin is our first line of defense against environmental pollution and toxins that exist naturally in the ground, in plants, in the air. Life as we know it would not be possible without this protective covering. And, it’s beautiful and soft to the touch.

Naturally we want to protect it, nourish it, hydrate it, and clean it. We want to maintain it as well as we can so it continues to do such a good job for us. It would be easy to believe that we could just clean it the way we do our car when we run through a car wash. One cleaning agent, some spinning brushes, and then a rinse and we’re done. Right? No.

As complex as our car is, our skin is much more specialized. We are not made of hardened metal and plastic, and we cannot tolerate the type of treatment a car gets in a car wash. If we subject our skin to rough treatment, it thickens, hardens, and creates calluses and a leathery surface. It does this to protect itself but the results aren’t pretty. That is why so many products are sold to make feet look more attractive. Skin that takes a daily beating, reveals that abuse in its surface roughness and cracking.

So how should we best maintain our skin? First by simply evaluating it. It only takes a moment of glancing to realize how delicate the skin is on your eyelids and around your eyes. It almost seems entirely different from the larger, waxy pores of your nose. And it bears little resemblance to the skin that stretches and folds to accommodate the movement of your elbows.

The next way of looking at skin is by the environment it is exposed to. The skin on your belly or the small of your back does not get the amount of exposure that your hands and face do. Your hands and face are exposed daily to sunlight, germs and environmental hazards that the skin under your clothes never comes near. So that skin needs more focused cleansing.

What does every inch of your skin need? Moisturizer. We use a hand cream on our hands and a face cream on our face because they need more moisturizer than most other parts. For the face, the best creams are ones that help the skin renew its cells with the hydrating power of Hyaluronic Acid and the cell-renewal capabilities of peptides. Our best cream to accomplish that is our medical-grade Peptide 6®.

Remember how delicate the skin around your eyes is? Sometimes, our eyes just seem to need a little something extra to renew and refresh them. That’s where our Vitamin K cream, Refresh Me™ can work wonders.

The most important thing, is to remember to care for and cherish that oh-so-important organ – your skin!

Can Your Face Be Too Clean?

The simple answer is yes. The complicated explanation is easier than you would think to understand so let’s tackle the subject of having a clean face one point at a time. First, your body was created to protect itself with a covering of a wonderful organ called skin. That skin covers every inch of you and is particularly delicate on your face.

The skin has its own system of protection and renewal, and it relies on natural oils to protect it and keep it supple. For renewal, the skin sloughs off dead skin cells and makes fresh new ones. So why do we clean it at all? First, because it gets dirty. We have airborne pollutants, food, makeup, and daily grime all piling up on our skin. We spray our hair with hair spray, our throat with perfume, and the face gets some of that as well.

So what’s wrong with scrubbing it? Everything! You want to take off that first layer of soil, and you want to remove dead skin cells but most bar and soft soaps contain SLS which is a degreaser used in car washes! What does that do? It lathers right up and takes the oil right off of your skin cells weakening their protection against the elements and drying them! To add to the skin damage, many soaps brag about being anti-bacterial and use alcohol (a drying agent) or triclosan (a potential toxin, endocrine disrupter, and allergan). Both of these ingredients irritate your skin and make it rougher. Then, to further disturb the delicate balance of your skin, many commercial soaps contain parabens as preservatives which can age your skin and mimic female hormones causing potential threats to your health.

So what should you do? Only us a soap that is free of parabens, triclosan, alcohol, and SLS. Apply it gently and do NOT scrub your skin. If you are exfoliating use a scrub with microbeads or AHA to do it gently and naturally, not be applying more pressure to a wash cloth. The results of treating your skin gently are phenomenal. Your skin will look more natural, have a more even skin tone, and break out less often. If you’d like a good cleanser or exfoliator, look no more! We have them right here!