Can Your Face Be Too Clean?

The simple answer is yes. The complicated explanation is easier than you would think to understand so let’s tackle the subject of having a clean face one point at a time. First, your body was created to protect itself with a covering of a wonderful organ called skin. That skin covers every inch of you and is particularly delicate on your face.

The skin has its own system of protection and renewal, and it relies on natural oils to protect it and keep it supple. For renewal, the skin sloughs off dead skin cells and makes fresh new ones. So why do we clean it at all? First, because it gets dirty. We have airborne pollutants, food, makeup, and daily grime all piling up on our skin. We spray our hair with hair spray, our throat with perfume, and the face gets some of that as well.

So what’s wrong with scrubbing it? Everything! You want to take off that first layer of soil, and you want to remove dead skin cells but most bar and soft soaps contain SLS which is a degreaser used in car washes! What does that do? It lathers right up and takes the oil right off of your skin cells weakening their protection against the elements and drying them! To add to the skin damage, many soaps brag about being anti-bacterial and use alcohol (a drying agent) or triclosan (a potential toxin, endocrine disrupter, and allergan). Both of these ingredients irritate your skin and make it rougher. Then, to further disturb the delicate balance of your skin, many commercial soaps contain parabens as preservatives which can age your skin and mimic female hormones causing potential threats to your health.

So what should you do? Only us a soap that is free of parabens, triclosan, alcohol, and SLS. Apply it gently and do NOT scrub your skin. If you are exfoliating use a scrub with microbeads or AHA to do it gently and naturally, not be applying more pressure to a wash cloth. The results of treating your skin gently are phenomenal. Your skin will look more natural, have a more even skin tone, and break out less often. If you’d like a good cleanser or exfoliator, look no more! We have them right here!