Announcement: Shopping Just Got Better!

In the wake of the fall out from several big-box stores, we decided to learn an important lesson. That lesson was to be proactive. Don’t wait until your customer’s data is compromised and then say, “Sorry.” That just doesn’t cut it, and customers deserve more.

So we went back to our programmers and asked, “Is there an even better shopping cart out there than the one we use now?” After some research they told us there was one available. But they were surprised we asked because we were not having problems.

But that is just the point, we told them! We want to upgrade BEFORE there are problems. And so, we present to you our wonderful new shopping cart. The good news?

* We have recently implemented the most secure credit card payment system available for your continued protection and peace of mind when ordering from us.
* We never store your credit card number.
* We only transmit it securely in an encrypted format for processing.
* We are fully compliant with all industry security standards.

The bad news? You will have to create a new customer login because this is a new system. And for that we apologize. We never want to inconvenience you. But in this case we are happy to say that this is much less of an inconvenience than some big-box retailer customers had this year! You matter to us.

And now that we have rolled out our new shopping cart, please let us know right away if you have any problems at all. We want your experience to be perfect!

Thank you for doing business with Mango Madness Skin Care!