Organic Skin Care Founder Featured in Florida Today

Susan Moore, founder of sister company Beach Organics Skin Care, has been featured in Florida Today for her philanthropy and passion for excellence and giving.

In pursuit of healthy, paraben-free skin care, Susan Moore went further than most women would go. She bought a bath and beauty products company and began to tinker with the ingredients, moving the basic formula to organic, natural and vegan. Spurred by a desire for a healthier life for herself and other women, Moore sought out ingredients she could trust. She found very few on the department store shelves and that disappointment fueled a passion to produce the very thing that women like herself were looking for.

Here at Mango Madness Skin Care we have always had a passion for pure anti-aging ingredients and paraben-free formulas that were devoid of fillers, SLS, formaldehyde or any ingredients that could harm our customers.

So it was natural that Mango Madness and Beach Organics would meet and talk about an industry that sometimes does more harm than good. Years later, the companies are partners in the quest for healthier solutions and we are delighted at the focus on Susan Moore from Florida Today.

Article by Florida Today.

Please take the time to read this article and appreciate that the health and beauty players who have been committed to providing you with the best quality products are also committed to community involvement, helping others, and giving back to those who need it the most. For those who have made the commitment to “do no harm” with the best ingredients it is just a natural outgrowth of that attitude to reach out and do what they can to make this world a better place.  We are delighted to have this opportunity to introduce you to the lovely Susan Moore!