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Resolutions for Health

Well, here we are at the end of 2014 and it’s New Year’s Resolution time. This is the moment for self reflection, a reckoning of last year’s goals, and a look forward at the goals we want to accomplish in 2015.

First, let’s all agree not to use products that hurt us. That should be a simple decision. Let’s all avoid these chemicals in our personal products:

  • Parabens
  • Sulfates
  • Formaldehydes
  • Triclosans
  • Phthalates

Next, let’s avoid BPA in our food and liquid consumable containers. That means eating less canned foods and reading the recycling labels on plastics.

There are some good things we can add as well. Are you drinking enough water daily? If you don’t like plain water, make 16 ounces of green tea, sweeten with honey and add the juice of one lemon. Sip it throughout the morning. It will help hydrate you and deliver vitamin C and the therapeutic effects of honey and tea. Good for you and tastes great.

Do you get at least a few hours of exercise a week? If not, consider incorporating some small changes into your life. Joining a gym or a group that walks several times a week would be ideal. But even scheduling 15 minutes of stretching or walking twice a day can break up a sedentary morning and afternoon and revitalize your mood and your body.

Let go of at least one negative thing you say to yourself or others. If you are someone who demurs when complimented, stop now. The next time someone says something nice about the way you look, don’t argue with them. Thank them. Period.  No more, “Oh, this old dress?” just a simple, “Thank you so much,” will do it.

Pick someone to encourage. Most of our New Year’s resolutions are about ourselves but how about this idea? Pick a friend or relative who could use a little cheering up and schedule a phone call once a week or an email with a link to a funny video. Or anything you think that would bring a smile to their face.

Let’s face the year ahead with a good attitude and a healthier outlook. Let us know how you are doing on our Facebook page. We care about you!


Company’s Coming!

It’s the Holiday Season and company is coming to visit for just a few days. There is so much to do!

Preparing for company can be overwhelming at the best of times, but add the holiday schedule and the demands of gift-giving and suddenly it’s just impossible. Sometimes you aren’t sure how you’ll get through it all.

To simplify things, break the preparation up into several smaller parts. If you have family or friends who can help, let them! Send the guest room bedding to the cleaners and throw it back on the bed fresh and fluffy. Have professionals clean or spot treat the carpets. Consider having the biggest meal catered or prepare as much as you can in advance.

For guest’s personal needs, keep a few toothbrushes and some toothpaste under the sink in case they forgot theirs. Make sure there is a blow dryer in the bathroom, and plenty of towels. In the bedroom, put an extension cord with a power strip near the bedside table for charging or a clock. Put a diffuser and a few simple scents on the dresser in case a little lavender would lift their mood. Have a small basket of make-up removing wipes, hand sanitizer, and a facial cleanser like our Rose Hip Seed Oil cleanser for sensitive skin. Last, include a light daily moisturizer like our Mango Miracle moisturizer to keep skin soft and supple.

In the bathroom, add a bottle of Mango Souffle Body Cream for a wonderful after-shower skin refresher. Your guests will love your extra touches and you’ll be glad that you broke up the tasks.

Now, don’t forget to pamper yourself during this holiday season! If nothing else, slip into a hot bath the minute the guests are gone and then just take a while to luxuriate and relax! Have wonderful holidays and take good care of yourself. You’re important to us!


4 Tips to A Prettier Neck

Many women have flawless skin on their faces but neglect their necks. Sometimes it is just because they don’t know what to do. It is not that difficult. Like your face, there are things your neck needs to look its best and providing those elements will make all the difference.

1) Protection from the sun. We are sure that comes as no surprise because it is the absolute number one rule of any skin care. You don’t have to layer scarves over turtlenecks or grow your hair longer but remember that the skin on your neck needs as much protection as your face. So use a combination of clothing and sunscreen to protect your neck whenever you are out of doors.

2) Cleanse and exfoliate – but gently. Did you know the skin on your neck is thinner than most other skin on your body? That’s because the skin on your neck is similar to your elbows and knees in that it has to move and stretch regularly. You cannot nod or turn your head without stretching the skin on your neck. So do take the time to cleanse with a gentle cleanser on a regular basis.

3) Match your face. If you are using a foundation makeup make sure to feather it in as your fingertips go down your neck. It looks unnatural for your face to be one color and your neck another. You can gently brush on a little bronzer in the front where your neck usually would get the most sun. It will look natural if you do it sparingly, and will help hide any imperfections.

4) Use a good moisturizer twice daily. We  recommend Necquelle because it is formulated for your neck. Necquelle has just the right amount of unique ingredients plus peptides and hyaluronic acid to firm and smooth the delicate skin from your chin to your cleavage.

Give Necquelle a try and we bet you will love it! Like all our products, Necquelle contains NO parabens and is not tested on animals. Necquelle Neck Firming and Smoothing Cream.