4 Tips to A Prettier Neck

Many women have flawless skin on their faces but neglect their necks. Sometimes it is just because they don’t know what to do. It is not that difficult. Like your face, there are things your neck needs to look its best and providing those elements will make all the difference.

1) Protection from the sun. We are sure that comes as no surprise because it is the absolute number one rule of any skin care. You don’t have to layer scarves over turtlenecks or grow your hair longer but remember that the skin on your neck needs as much protection as your face. So use a combination of clothing and sunscreen to protect your neck whenever you are out of doors.

2) Cleanse and exfoliate – but gently. Did you know the skin on your neck is thinner than most other skin on your body? That’s because the skin on your neck is similar to your elbows and knees in that it has to move and stretch regularly. You cannot nod or turn your head without stretching the skin on your neck. So do take the time to cleanse with a gentle cleanser on a regular basis.

3) Match your face. If you are using a foundation makeup make sure to feather it in as your fingertips go down your neck. It looks unnatural for your face to be one color and your neck another. You can gently brush on a little bronzer in the front where your neck usually would get the most sun. It will look natural if you do it sparingly, and will help hide any imperfections.

4) Use a good moisturizer twice daily. We  recommend Necquelle because it is formulated for your neck. Necquelle has just the right amount of unique ingredients plus peptides and hyaluronic acid to firm and smooth the delicate skin from your chin to your cleavage.

Give Necquelle a try and we bet you will love it! Like all our products, Necquelle contains NO parabens and is not tested on animals. Necquelle Neck Firming and Smoothing Cream.