Starting New in 2015

The New Year is always the perfect time to start the renewal of our attitude, our life, our habits – well, everything. There are actually many milestones in our lives that give us that opportunity. Just a few examples would be:

  • Getting your first apartment on your own.
  • Getting married
  • Getting divorced.
  • Having your first child.
  • Annual New Year’s celebrations.
  • A move to another city or state.

But, really, any day can be the day you decide to change. Remember that saying, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” It’s just that easy to decide.

resolutionsFollowing through is harder. But here are some tricks to make it more likely to work. First, of course is identifying problem areas in your life. If there are no problems, you don’t need any solutions. Once you have identified problems, plan the solutions. Don’t just say, “I have dry skin; I’ll moisturize more often.” Spell it out. How often is more often? What time of the day? If you formerly moisturized before bed each night, are you now planning on doing it again first thing in the morning or after your shower? Plan the details.

Next, put it on your calendar to do it. And, if necessary, put the jar of moisturizer on the vanity where you’ll see it first thing – or leave yourself a note.

If you have a lot of resolutions take them in baby steps. Moisturize more, join a gym, eat more vegetables. For a list like that start with the moisturizer because it is easy, schedule a call to a few gyms to get pricing, and add stopping at the farmer’s market to pick up vegetables. If you break your resolutions into manageable pieces you’ll have the changes well in hand by the end of January!

You know you can do it, it’s just a matter of planning.