Natural Is In – What Does That Mean?

Since we are committed to quality skin care, many people have asked us about the trend towards greener, more natural choices. Does that mean women are using less products? Are they wearing less makeup or skipping facials? Are we going back to the 1960’s?

No, we aren’t seeing that trend at all. What we are seeing is a trend towards a more sophisticated, educated consumer. The woman who used to buy a skin care product based on packaging or big claims to make miracles, now reads labels. She is skeptical and we mean that in a good way. If you say your product does something you’d better be able to back it up. If you say your product is good for the environment, you’d better not have a label that lists formaldehyde. If you say you do not do animal testing, your customer will expect a certification from a trustworthy source.

So the savvy green-conscious consumer is looking for ingredients that work, no fillers, no toxins, from a company she can trust. And you know what, that’s natural! It should have always been this way.

Twenty years ago a skin preparation made from petroleum could be marketed as fighting wrinkles. The efficacy of cold-cream which was nothing more than water, oils, and wax with a little fragrance, was never in doubt. Women bought it by the truckload.

But times have changed. Modern understanding of how skin heals and renews itself have lead to ingredients that are based on our body’s natural processes. Better understanding of the role preservatives like parabens may play in a woman’s health have lead to paraben-free products springing up everywhere.

It’s only natural that women turn to brands they trust when they buy skin care products. They know Mango Madness and they know Mango Madness Skin Care stands for great products, no parabens, no animal testing, high-quality ingredients. Naturally!

Natural Skin Care