Oily Skin – It’s a Blessing, Not a Curse!

MS-face-83113It isn’t unusual for a woman to complain about having oily skin. Oily skin can breakout more often, may make makeup need refreshing sooner, may result in a shiny effect on forehead or chin. But oily skin also provides a better barrier protecting the skin from environmental factors, and tends to develop fine lines later in life than dry skin does.

So how can you get to the point where you appreciate the features of your oily skin instead of struggling with it. Let us suggest some things you can do:

  1. Use a gentle, non-irritating cleanser. Our Rose Hip Seed cleanser is perfect for thorough cleaning and breakout management.
  2. Use a retinol-based moisturizer to minimize wrinkles and control acne or blackheads instead of a heavy cold cream or greasy lotion.
  3. Choose a makeup that goes on dry such as our powder-to-matte selections or a mineral based cover.
  4. Gently clean your face at the end of the day and then re-apply your retinol-based cream for over-night moisture and care.

This method will help you love your oily skin. Less breakouts, easier makeup management, reduced signs of aging!

We have a whole section of our website devoted to your oily-skin needs and we’re glad you’re our customer. You won’t need to worry about shininess or visible oiliness once you follow those simple steps. And the products to care for your skin are all paraben-free and have not been tested on animals. You’ll look more beautiful than ever and love using products that promote healthy skin and a healthy lifestyle.

Visit our oily-skin care page for in-depth product information and instructions on how often to use the preparations. Your friends will wonder what has made you so happy with your looks! Tell them it’s due to mangoes!