Soap, Cleanser, What’s the Difference?

Oh, my goodness! Earlier this year we wrote a blog about using the correct cleanser for your face. That promptly precipitated an argument about “all soap being the same.” And that argument goes like this: All soap is a way of cleaning yourself and the different names and claims and prices on soap are just ways of charging you more money and making you buy ten different products when one would do.

After all, the logic goes, the same pretty soap sitting on the sink that you wash your hands with should be appropriate for your face, right? It’s still your skin it is cleaning.

If we lived in an ideal world, maybe. But we don’t and in our high-population, high-germ conscious world, the soap we use on our hands is generally a soft soap with some detergent or other surfactant for cleanliness coupled with an anti-bacterial agent. That antibacterial agent might be as simple as alcohol or as chemical as triclosan. So if it cleans, and it disinfects, and we trust it on our hands, why can’t we wash our face with it? Or with any other soap for that matter.

Sure you can. But here is where the problem comes in. First of all, hands handle all kinds of materials. They are our way of picking things up, cleaning things up, and they get exposed to printer toner, petroleum, surface dirt, ink from pens, correction fluid, and all kinds of substances that your face does not come into contact with. They also have skin that is less delicate than the skin on your face. So you may prefer to use a stronger soap on them than you want to use on your face just to get them clean.

handsThen, look at what they touch! They shake hands, pat dogs and cats, wash dishes, handle food preparation, come into contact with door knobs, restroom fixtures, and money. Hopefully, your face does not! That means you may prefer an alcohol or triclosan based antibacterial product to kill the germs. But you don’t want that on your face. Alcohol dries and depletes skin cells which hastens aging. Triclosans are a known toxin. In tiny amounts the triclosan does a great job of killing bacteria. But studies are now raising questions about the possible health hazards associated with it. Bottom line, do NOT put it on your face where more of it will be absorbed.

This probably does not answer the question fully of why there are so many products to clean so many things. But your face is the thing most people see first and remember you by. Let’s keep it clean AND healthy. Buy MangoMadnessSkinCare cleansers here.