Take it Personally!

We’ve been looking at a lot of beauty blogs, beauty articles, anti-aging information, and even our own pages on “oily skin,” “normal skin,” etc. And we want to make sure that one message really gets through to you, our reader.

The message is this: it’s your skin. Your mileage may vary. Your needs may vary. What works and doesn’t work for you is very specific to your body, your immune system, your allergies, your lifestyle. And so, the best instructions for anyone to give you are these:

Do what works for you!”

Our biggest advice, of course, is to read labels and always choose products that are paraben-free, phthalate free, formaldehyde free, sulfate free. Those products have been associated with potential health problems. Parabens have been shown to cause premature aging – you don’t need those in a wrinkle cream! But no one knows for sure if they would really hurt you. So why stay away from them? The same reason you avoid tornadoes. There are enough studies that show they pose problems in people’s health that you do not want to risk having them on your skin.

Now how about how much, how many, and when? This is when it really gets personal. Different skin types absorb moisturizers at different rates. If you take a product like our Maximum Moisture, you know it will deliver the therapeutic dose of hyaluronic acid your skin loves. But you may put on a very little amount and get the benefit you need and want, someone several years older, or with courser skin may apply a larger amount in order to get the same moisturizing results.

That is true of cleansers and exfoliating scrubs as well. Women’s faces vary from woman to woman in how dry the skin is, how large the pores are, how many blemishes there are, how much damage from sun or smoking. So one size will not fit all. You know that certain ingredients are superb at exfoliating but you might need to exfoliate more frequently than someone else.

How are you supposed to tell how often to exfoliate, how much moisturizer to use? The same way you learn how much champagne to drink. You experiment. If you think a facial cream feels to heavy, use less or move to a lighter formula. Don’t hesitate to be your own woman and achieve beauty your own way. Let us know, we want to know what works for you!

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